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Best Elliptical Trainer

If you’re after the best elliptical trainer for your budget, we have chosen our best buys to help you to make an informed choice.

There are so many brands and models of ellipticals to choose from, it’s easy to get confused and make an expensive mistake.

Whilst we can’t claim to have tried and tested every elliptical trainer on the market, we’ve reviewed enough to compile a list of our best buys.

We’ve categorised them by budget and have chosen what we consider to be the best elliptical trainer in each price category, plus a few runners up that are worthy of consideration.

The ellipticals are ordered by the best price that we could find them for,not the list price, which is often inflated to make the ‘sale’ or ‘discount’ price more attractive.

Simple follow the links to read our full reviews of each model.

Best Elliptical Trainer – Our Top Picks

Under $500:

Best BuyProform 900 CardioCross – Usually discounted to under $500 and pretty much unbeatable value for money at that price.

Also worth considering:

I wouldn’t bother! Save your money and consider upgrading your budget to the next category.


Best BuySchwinn 418 – Solid, stable and exceptionally good value, the best pick from a very strong range.

Also worth considering:

Schwinn 430
Schwinn 438
NordicTrack CX938


Best BuySole E35 – Simply outstanding and slightly better value than the more expensive E55.

Also worth considering:

Sole E55
Spirit XE 350
Spirit XE 150


Best BuySole E95 – For my money, Sole and Spirit have got the $1,000-$2,000 elliptical market sown up. The serious exerciser searching for an elliptical trainer for home use really doesn’t need to look beyond the E95 or Spirit XE 550.

Also worth considering:

Spirit XE 550


Best BuySmooth CE 7.4 – I would hesitate to recommend a best elliptical trainer over $2,000 as we’ve not reviewed many in this price range, yet. However, the CE 7.4 is a great piece of kit from a well-respected brand.

We’ll update this list periodically and will also review some more ellipticals in the more expensive price ranges soon.

Hopefully our best buy recommendations will help in your search for the best elliptical trainer for your needs!

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