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Weight Loss Diet Plans

Bob Greene Diet Review

Bob Greene

Any Bob Greene diet review is going to major on his time as Oprah’s personal trainer, but after seven weight loss books there’s much more to Bob than chat show hosts! Bob Greene has been producing quality diet and exercise books for a decade, and whilst his approach has evolved the central philosophy has remained consistent. This is never more ...

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Cabbage Soup Diet Reviews

cabbage soup diet

There are loads of Cabbage Soup Diet reviews around…but we had to do one of our own! A diet so daft that thousands of people use it – why? We were chatting to a friend of ours recently and she mentioned that she’s trying to lose a few pounds during the summer holidays. She’s tried a few diets before but ...

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Blood Type Diet Reviews

blood type diet

This evaluation of the Blood Type Diet reviews the evidence to support the theory that you really can eat right for your blood type and lose weight. According to naturopath Peter J D’Adamo in his 1996 book, “Eat Right for Your Type”, your blood type has a significant role in deciding the optimum foods for your general health and well ...

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Apple Cider Vinegar Diet Review

Apple cider vinegar diet

This Apple Cider Vinegar Diet review looks at one of the more bizarre weight loss theories…can apple cider vinegar really help you to lose weight? This fad diet has been doing the rounds since the 70’s and has its advocates. It seems to be having a bit of a revival of late with sites springing up selling this ‘miracle’ weight ...

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Anne Collins Weight Loss Program Review

anne collins diet

This Anne Collins Weight Loss Program review should give you a pretty good idea as to whether this plan is for you. This is a popular, inexpensive, fad free weight loss program that focusses on healthy eating and behaviour change. It’s an online program that costs $19.97 for one year’s subscription – there are no other charges – and gives ...

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The 3 Hour Diet Review

the 3 hour diet review

This 3 Hour Diet review takes a look at a plan based on eating smaller, more frequent meals to keep you feeling full whilst losing weight…so does it work? The 3 Hour Diet has been written by Jorge Cruise. Cruise has worked as AOL’s weight loss coach and has contributed as a columnist in USA Today and as a consultant ...

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3 Day Diet Reviews


Having just read several 3 Day Diet reviews I despair, this is the absolute worst way to lose weight and you will not achieve long term weight loss following diets like this – why? Because by starving yourself for three days all you’ll do is slow your metabolism down and shed water. You will not lose much if any body ...

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What are the Best Weight Loss Plans?

best weight loss plans

Simple, the best weight loss plans are the ones that are based on sound science and that are going to give you the results that you’re looking for…so which ones are they? We know, we know…we don’t do diets! But, hey, many people like the idea of following a formal weight loss program. A ‘diet’ provides discipline, recipes, calorie counters… ...

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