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Weight Loss Diet Plans

Personalized Weight Loss Plan

personalized weight loss

This personalized weight loss plan starts with you and the reasons why you are overweight. Ok, so you’ve got a pretty good idea about what to do, but how do you lose weight and keep it off long term? Its not enough to know the calorific value of every chocolate bar in the sweet shop, how many grams of fat ...

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Quick Weight Loss Diets

weight loss diets

Quick weight loss diets are everywhere, they promise much but do they deliver the long term weight loss that every dieter craves? In a word, no. At least not for most people most of the time. Diets that promise quick weight loss work on the premise that less is more. There are 3,500 calories in a pound of fat. Therefore, ...

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Permanent Weight Loss Solution

permanent weight loss

Permanent weight loss is every dieter’s nirvana…you’ve lost the weight and now you’re going to keep it off forever. But will you? Ok, so you’ve lost the weight and that’s great, really great, but now what? Time for a maintenance phase? A few weeks or months of gradually getting back to eating ‘normally’? Eating what you like again. The odd ...

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Reverse the Effects of Yo-yo Dieting

yo yo dieting

Yo-yo dieting is one of the main reasons why many people fail to lose weight and keep it off – so how do you kick-start your metabolism and get losing again? People often ask me, “Can you damage your metabolism through repeated dieting?”, as their body seems to hangs onto every calorie they eat. You can, but not permanently. One ...

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Trigger Foods and Weight Loss

trigger foods and weight loss

Trigger foods spell diet death, you need to identify the foods that have a hold over you and eliminate them from your diet. Trigger foods are the foods that you love, that you have an emotional relationship with, that make you feel good while you eat them then guilty when you’re done…that you can never eat just one of. Knowing ...

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