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Weight Loss Equipments

Best Weight Loss Equipment Reviews 2015.

Epic Elliptical Trainer Review

Our Epic elliptical trainer review looks at a low to mid-price line of ellipticals that seem to offer a good value product – so do they stack up? Well, given that Epic is yet another brand in the seemingly endless stable of Icon Health and Fitness exercise equipment you would expect them to benefit from the economies of scale that ...

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Smith Machine Reviews – Home Gym

Our Smith Machine reviews article takes a look at what makes a decent Smith Machine home gym – what are the best models to consider when assessing the market? A Smith Machine is essentially a power cage with a fixed Olympic bar mounted on a carriage that travels up and down a pair of parallel tubular steel rails, set at ...

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Powertec Review – Excellent Home Gyms!

Powertec Review – Excellent Home Gyms

Our Powertec review takes a look at a company that pioneered the leverage system for resistance training and has used the concept in its home gym range – are they any good? Powertec has been making weight training equipment for over a quarter of a century, but only ventured into the home gym market in the late 90s. They pretty ...

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Bowflex Classic Review

Bowflex Classic home gym

Our Bowflex Classic review investigates a complete home gym that promises a rewarding workout experience on a budget. Does it deliver as well as the upper end Bowflex home gyms? If you’re looking at the Bowlflex Classic then the chances are that the prices of the more expensive models, like the Bowflex Revolution or Bowflex Ultimate 2 may have put ...

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Bowflex Home Gym Reviews

Our Bowflex home gym reviews take a look at some of the best selling home gyms on the market – they’re popular but are they all they’re cracked up to be? With names like Bowflex Revolution, Bowflex Xtreme and Bowflex Ultimate they should sound appealing to the average home fitness enthusiast looking for a home workout to build or tone ...

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Home Gym Reviews

Our home gym reviews article will help you to find your way through the many home gym options so you can make the best choice for your home workout – whether weight loss or muscle gain is your goal. Choosing a treadmill or elliptical trainer is fairly straightforward – they’re all pretty similar in design, so your choice is really ...

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ProForm 900 CardioCross Elliptical Trainer Review

proform 900 cardiocross elliptical trainer review

Our ProForm 900 CardioCross elliptical trainer review examines a high spec elliptical at a budget price – is it a good choice? Now we’re talking – whilst requiring a greater investment than the cheaper ProForm ellipticals, the 900 CardioCross looks a much better bet in a number of respects. It’s more solidly built, has a number of worthwhile features that ...

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Proform Cardio CrossTrainer 650 Elliptical Trainer Review

Proform Cardio Cross Trainer 650 Elliptical Trainer review

Our Proform Cardio CrossTrainer 650 elliptical trainer review looks at a no frills machine from ProForm – is it any good? Well, ProForm tends to specialise in these cheap, low end machines that appeal to buyers with a strict budget. However, the CrossTrainer 650 seems to have even less to offer than the cheaper ProForm 320 or ProForm 330. I’ve ...

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ProForm 6.0 GSX Treadmill Review

proform 6.0 gsx Treadmill review

Our ProForm 6.0 GSX treadmill review investigates a popular treadmill with home exercisers – its affordable, but is it any good? ProForm is one of the best known brands of exercise equipment and largely caters for the low-price end of the market. The 6.0 GSX is another example of the company’s policy of building reasonable treadmills – for the price ...

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Image 16.0Q Treadmill Review – Full Features

image 16.0Q treadmill review

Our Image 16.0Q treadmill review examines a model aimed at home users on a budget – is it a bargain? At just $599 there aren’t that many treadmills around that offer as much for the money for people wanting a moderate intensity workout in the comfort of their own home. The 16.0Q is not a commercial quality treadmill suitable for ...

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