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Best Weight Loss Equipment Reviews 2015.

Spirit Z500 Treadmill Review


Our Spirit Z500 treadmill review evaluates a near commercial-grade machine that appears to be right on the money – should it be near the top of your shopping list? A recurring theme with Spirit treadmills is the tremendous value for money that the brand offers. Right the way through the Z series you’ll find well-built, durable, feature-rich treadmills that would ...

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Spirit Z300 Treadmill Review

spirit z 300 treadmill

Our Spirit Z300 treadmill review examines another feature-laden machine from Spirit that appears to offer tremendous value for money – but is that the case? As with the superb Z100 the Z300 comes up trumps on all fronts, with a powerful motor, comfortable deck and sturdy frame. However, given the extensive Spirit range, the Z series is a little congested ...

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Spirit Z100 Treadmill Review

spirit z100 treadmill

Our Spirit Z100 treadmill review looks at a feature-packed machine that would seem hard to fault at the price – so does it deliver? The Z100 appears to tick all the boxes with a big motor, top-notch build quality and even an MP3 interface. Cast your eyes over the spec and it’s apparent that Spirit has managed to exceed expectations ...

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Spirit Z9 Treadmill Review

Spirit Z9 Treadmill

Our Spirit Z9 treadmill review examines a high spec machine that should provide a quality workout for serious home users – does it? At first glance the Z9 promises a great deal with a powerful motor and well-above average build quality. As they’ve done with many of the models in their stable, Spirit has produced a genuine contender in the ...

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Spirit Z88 Treadmill Review

spirit z88 treadmill

Our Spirit Z88 treadmill review looks at a well-equipped machine that should give the best of the competition a run for their money – does it? Whilst perhaps a little rudimentary as far as the user interface is concerned, the Z88 appears strong in the departments that really matter and delivers on quality, performance and value for money. It would ...

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Spirit Z8 Treadmill Review


Our Spirit Z8 treadmill review investigates the introductory model in the Z range – but how does it stack up against the more expensive models? Essentially, the Z8 is the stripped back to basics option that suffers a little as a result of Spirit’s attempt to build a treadmill to retail under the $1,000 mark. Whilst it’s streets ahead of ...

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Sole TT8 Treadmill Review


Our Sole TT8 treadmill review takes a look at this top of the range treadmill from Sole – an extra wide belt and powerful motor for the serious runner! Built to perform in a commercial environment, the Sole TT8 is a solid, robust and reliable machine with an extra wide 22″ belt – potentially a great performer for serious runners ...

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Sole S77 Treadmill Review

Sole s77 treadmill

Our Sole S77 treadmill review looks at an outstanding, cost effective, non-folding treadmill from Sole that’s suitable for serious runners – how does it measure up? Sole is one of the best manufacturers of commercial quality, mid price treadmills offering exceptional value for home users. The S77 is one example of why Sole treadmills have received so many plaudits from ...

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Sole F85 Treadmill Review

SOLE F85 Treadmill

Our Sole F85 treadmill review examines the top of the range folding treadmill from Sole, the machine frequently rated as one of the best fold-ups on the market – is it? suitable for the serious runner, this is the treadmill found in Hilton Hotel “in-room fitness” rooms and in other leading hotels. It’s certainly proven as a durable performer in ...

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Sole S73 Treadmill Review

sole s73 treadmill

ur Sole S73 treadmill review examines the entry level non-folding treadmill from Sole that’s suitable for joggers and serious runners alike – how does it measure up? If you’ve read a review of Sole treadmills before, you’ll appreciate the justifiable plaudits they’ve received from both satisfied customers and reviewers. The S73 is the entry model of three in Sole’s non-folding ...

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