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Best Way to Lose Weight Fast In 2017

best way to lose weight fast in 2017

What’s the best way to lose weight – crash diets, fat loss pills and ab blasters…Or something a little less drastic like, say, a healthy diet and exercise? Hmm, that choice shouldn’t be too difficult to make, now should it? The answer is simple – eat fewer calories than you burn off each day and do some exercise. Now where ...

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What Are the Causes of Binge Eating Disorder?

Binge Eating 3 Risk Factors

Opinions divide over the causes of binge eating disorder although it’s likely to be different for different people. What’s evident from our experience, though, is that the vast majority of people who overeat are not consciously choosing to be fat – unless they’re wanna be sumo wrestlers, that is! People who overeat, who binge eat do not want to be ...

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Online Weight Loss Programs

online weight loss programs

Online weight loss programs are a relatively new concept but offer a highly individual, interactive and flexible way to lose weight. The internet has only been around in a usable form for 10-12 years and online diets have sprung up everywhere during that time, offering a very convenient option for internet savvy dieters. So are they a good option and ...

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Skinny Water and Weight Loss

skinny water and weight loss

Skinny water and weight loss looks like yet another celebrity driven fad that seems set to bring in the big bucks – so what is it? Well, the diet industry and their million dollar advertising campaigns would have you believe that ‘super’ water is the next generation of miracle products that will help you shed pounds with very little effort ...

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Hypnosis for Weight Loss Work?

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnosis for weight loss tapes and CDs are widely advertised on the internet, but can hypnosis really help you to lose weight? Call me a sceptic but the use of hypnosis or hypnotherapy seems little more than a gimmick aimed at people looking for a quick and easy alternative to diet and exercise. Now that’s not to say that hypnosis ...

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Ear Staples for Weight Loss

Ear Staples for Weight Loss

Ear staples for weight loss is a new one on us, we have to confess and our curiosity prompted us to do some research. We’d always thought staples were for holding pieces of paper together and the notion that they’d help you to lose weight was, well…bizarre! Basically, a tiny stainless steel staple a bit like an ear ring is ...

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Hoodia for Weight Loss

Hoodia for weight loss

The hype surrounding hoodia for weight loss has been intense…but does it work? Hoodia is a cactus or more accurately a succulent that is found in arid regions of Southern Africa. There are around 20 or so different types, but its the variety Hoodia Gordonii that has caused the interest. Hoodia is mooted as an appetite suppressant and is promoted ...

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Herbs for Weight Loss

Best Herbs For Weight Loss

There are some herbs for weight loss that are worth investigating as useful supplements in your efforts to lose weight – so which ones should you choose and what should you avoid? The evidence for most herbs promoted as weight loss agents is pretty thin. A few show some promise, but on their own they’ll make little impact on your ...

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Green Tea and Weight Loss


The link between green tea and weight loss has been strengthened by research that suggests that green tea can burn fat and increase your metabolism. Many people extol the benefits of green tea as an antioxidant, but what about weight loss? Green Tea and Weight Loss… Green tea contains epigallocatechingallate (EGCG), one of a number of chemicals known as polyphenols. ...

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CortiSlim Weight Loss Pills Review

CortiSlim weight loss supplement

CortiSlim weight loss pills offer the solution to two of today’s biggest problems – stress and obesity. But how will reducing stress help you to lose weight? The makers of CortiSlim must think they’ve struck marketing gold…a pill that provides the antidote to our stress filled lives and which will help us to shift a few pounds of excess fat ...

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