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Weight Loss Tips

Best Weight Loss Tips.

Abs Diet Review – Six Week to Six Pack Abs

abs diet review

This Abs Diet review takes a look at a weight loss program aimed primarily at guys looking for a six pack and an improved sex life…so does it work? There’s little scientific evaluation to say one way or the other, but it sounds worth checking out! The diet has been developed by David Zinczenko, the editor of Men’s Health magazine ...

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What are the Best Weight Loss Plans?

best weight loss plans

Simple, the best weight loss plans are the ones that are based on sound science and that are going to give you the results that you’re looking for…so which ones are they? We know, we know…we don’t do diets! But, hey, many people like the idea of following a formal weight loss program. A ‘diet’ provides discipline, recipes, calorie counters… ...

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Weight Loss Solutions

weight loss solutions

Successful, long term weight loss solutions rely on you making a choice to be slim and healthy, a choice not to be fat. Here’s a ‘rulebook’ to help you keep the weight off. Recognise this – it’s not and never will be easy to maintain your new weight, to stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan. It’s something you’ll ...

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Weight Loss and Vacations

weight loss and vacations

Weight loss and vacations are a problem for most dieters as going on vacation tends to mean booze, big meals and lying around doing next to nothing. So what’s the solution? Pretty simple really…don’t go on vacation! Only kidding ๐Ÿ˜‰ Losing weight whilst on holiday needn’t be a problem if you follow a few simple guidelines and employ a little ...

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Weight Loss Portion Control

portion control

Portion control is pretty straightforward for weight loss, but many people find it a problem when they’re trying to maintain their new weight. Easy to understand why, particularly if you’ve ‘been on a diet’. Most diets give you exact weights and measures…3oz of this, 4 of those, 250mls of that. In fact, one of our bugbears is the relentless obsession ...

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Personalized Weight Loss Plan

personalized weight loss

This personalized weight loss plan starts with you and the reasons why you are overweight. Ok, so you’ve got a pretty good idea about what to do, but how do you lose weight and keep it off long term? Its not enough to know the calorific value of every chocolate bar in the sweet shop, how many grams of fat ...

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Weight Loss Camp For Teens

weight loss camp for teen

The concept of a weight loss camp for teens is not a new one, but with the growing childhood obesity epidemic is catching on. But do they work? Whilst relatively well established in the US, weight loss camps are springing up in the UK and other European countries as increasingly desperate parents search for a solution to their children’s weight ...

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Overweight Teens

overweight teen

he problem of overweight teens is getting worse as more and more children and young people struggle to control their weight…but what’s causing the problem? For a variety of reasons, there have always been overweight children and young people just as there have always been overweight adults. But the problem of childhood obesity is accelerating at an alarming rate and ...

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Easy Weight Loss for Teens

easy weight loss for teen

Easy weight loss for teens is possible as whilst there’s no magic solution to helping you to lose weight, adopting a few simple strategies will make a big difference. Now, first things first, whilst childhood and teenage obesity is a significant and growing problem, dieting is not a good idea for teenagers. Teens are still growing and developing and require ...

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Teen Weight Loss

teen weight loss

he issue of teen weight loss is a hot topic in most western developed nations as the obesity crisis engulfs our kids…but how best can we help them to maintain a healthy weight? The first step is to understand why there’s such a growing obesity problem in our children. A problem that’s resulting in overweight teens and adults. In a ...

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