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Weight Loss Workouts

Workout Routines for Women

core workout

Workout routines for women are everywhere, but do women need to train differently to men to burn fat and lose weight and do women respond in different ways to exercise? In short, the answer to the first question is no! It’s a question I get asked a lot and the response I give is always the same – there is ...

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Push Up Workout – Pump up That Chest

push up workout

A push up workout is a great way to build your chest, shoulder and triceps strength with no weights or fancy equipment – how do you do it? Push ups are a tried and tested way to build the pushing muscles of your upper body – your pectorals, deltoids and triceps. Given that you need to hold a straight line ...

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Post Workout Meal

post workout meal

Your post workout meal is critical to your weight loss and muscle building goals and is the most important meal you’ll eat all day – so what should you eat? This is a tricky question for people looking to build muscle, but is a particular dilemma for people on a weight loss program. If you want to lose weight and ...

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Bodyweight Workout – Lose Weight Fast

BodyWeight Workout

A bodyweight workout can be done anywhere, any time – there are a vast array of bodyweight exercises to choose from, so how can you design an intense workout to lose weight and build muscle? Many peopleunderestimate just how effective a workout without weights can be in helping to burn fat, pack on some muscle and burn huge amounts of ...

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At Home Workouts is a Great TimeSaver

at home workout

At home workouts are a great way to exercise if you’re busy or just don’t want the expense of a gym membership – so how do get the most out of a workout at home? Many people have busy schedules and fitting in regular trips to the gym can be difficult – I know I struggle to do so with ...

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10 Minute Workout – Burn Fat in 10 Minutes

10 minute workout

A 10 minute workout that will burn fat and build muscle as part of a weight loss or exercise program sounds too good to be true – is it? Absolutely not! There’s a common misconception that for exercise to be beneficial and to burn lots of calories you have to spend hours in the gym on the weights or doing ...

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Fat Loss Workout – Burn Belly Fat Fast

fat loss workout

The best fat loss workout does not involve hours of boring cardio or living six days a week in the gym, just the opposite – burn fat and build muscle in a fraction of the time. I don’t know about you, but I live a busy life – balancing a demanding career, a family and a social life as well ...

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Running Workouts – 5 Workout Ideas

running workouts

Our running workouts may well help to breathe new life into your run, increasing your fitness and rate of weight loss – why not give them a try? Let’s face it, running can get a little dull. You know the feeling, trudging along at the same pace for the third or fourth time in a week…It’s enough to drive you ...

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