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Core Workout for Women

Core Workout – Build a Strong Core

A core workout is an essential part of any weight loss or fitness program and core exercises should feature in every workout. So, the question is why is that and how do you build your core strength?

Your ‘core’ is your midsection – essentially your abs, hips and lower back muscles.

These include your rectus abdominous, internal and external obliques, transverse abdominous, iliopsoas (hip flexors) and erector spinae.

Your core muscles wrap around your torso and act as a kind of girdle – your abs and lower back muscles working together to stabilize your body from all directions and angles.

Your core can easily become destabilized leading over time to lower back problems, for instance, so a strong core helps to prevent injury.

A core workout helps to strengthen your core muscles, leading to improved posture, greater stability when carrying out day to day activities (functional fitness) and providing a strong foundation for your workout program. This workout also help in building strong muscles or abs. If you are looking for tips to build abs then you can follow these simple three steps to build abs. But if want more specific abs building then check this detailed guideline on 8 pack abs building.

Core Workout for Women

Core Workout – How do you Improve your Core Fitness?

It’s important to realize that your core muscles are primarily there to stabilize your midsection. As such, you don’t actually need to move at all when performing core exercises.

Stationary exercises like the Plank will strengthen your core isometrically – basically assume the position and your core muscles will contract to maintain it.

Hold the position for longer each time you do it and your core muscles will strengthen over time.

Try this test of your core fitness:

  • Assume the Plank position by lying face down on the floor and lifting your body up on your forearms and toes, keeping a straight line from your head through to your toes
  • Tense and hold the position for as long as you can. If you can hold the position for…
  • Less than 30 seconds – Your core muscles are very weak and need some work
  • 30-60 seconds – Your core muscles are weak and would benefit from regular core exercises
  • 60 seconds-2 minutes – Not bad, but room for improvement
  • 2 minutes+ – You have good core fitness, but there’s no room for complacency!
  • If you do nothing else to improve your core fitness, repeat the plank every other day and you’ll notice significant improvements in your core strength from this simplest of core exercises.

    Note: If you have a pre-existing back problem or experience lower back pain then consult your physician before trying the Plank or any other core exercise for that matter.

    However, there are a ton of core exercises that you can incorporate into your workout, and some of the exercises you probably already do, like squats, deadlifts and crunches will be increasing your core strength. You can check this youtube video on these workouts.

    We’ll be putting together some core workouts shortly so visit us again soon for a killer core workout!

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