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CortiSlim Weight Loss Pills Review

CortiSlim weight loss pills offer the solution to two of today’s biggest problems – stress and obesity. But how will reducing stress help you to lose weight?

The makers of CortiSlim must think they’ve struck marketing gold…a pill that provides the antidote to our stress filled lives and which will help us to shift a few pounds of excess fat at the same time. Marketing genius!

But to reap the benefits of clever product market positioning, the product has actually got to work – so does it? And what exactly does it do?

How do CortiSlim Weight Loss Pills Work?

Well here’s an interesting concept…the reason that we’re all so fat is because of stress! Or so the manufacturers of CortiSlim would have us believe.

The theory behind CortiSlim weight loss pills is that they can help to control the levels of cortisol in the body.

Cortisol is a hormone secreted by the body in times of stress. It’s effectively your body’s main stress hormone.

Now cortisol serves a number of useful functions when you’re stressed.

For instance, it influences glucose metabolism so that the muscles needed to run away from danger get any extra fuel they need. It can trigger an inflammatory response when you’re injured…and so on.

The problem is that the more often you’re under stress, pretty frequently for most of us with our busy lifestyles, excess cortisol is produced. Amongst other things, this can mess up your blood sugar levels.

This is where CortiSlim weight loss pills come. The manufacturers claim that excess cortisol predisposes your body to store fat, which can lead to weight gain.

CortiSlim is claimed to be able to regulate the body’s production of cortisol, resulting in decreased stress levels and weight loss.

OK, we’ll come back and examine the veracity of these claims in a paragraph or two, but first…

What’s in CortiSlim Weight Loss Pills…?

Many of the ingredients in CortiSlim you’ll also find in many other weight loss supplements.

Chromium, calcium, vanadium, a variety of herbs such as green tea extract, banaba leaf extract, bitter orange peel (Citrus Aurauntium, standardised for synephrine, which is promoted as an ephedra alternative), magnolia bark extract…and the list goes on!

We’ve written about most of these elsewhere in our healthy weight loss supplements section, so take a look if you need more information.

Most of these ingredients are claimed to speed up your metabolism so you burn more calories, balance your blood sugar levels or reduce your appetite.

A few have some promise, green tea for instance. Although there’s little if any credible evidence to substantiate the weight loss claims made for most of these ingredients.

It’s the magnolia bark extract that seems to be the stress-reducing ingredient. Whilst there are some animal studies that support the de-stressing claims made for magnolia bark extract, we couldn’t find any human studies that proved a positive effect.

So, do CortiSlim Weight Loss Pills Work…?

We could find no evidence to prove that CortiSlim weight loss pills will help you to lose weight.

Now they may help to reduce your stress levels but again, we can find no credible independent studies that have demonstrated that CortiSlim will reduce cortisol levels in the body.

We could also find no evidence that reducing cortisol levels will lead to weight loss.

Now there are plenty of testimonials on the CortiSol website, but do a search in the various weight loss forums on the net and see what the general opinion is amongst users of the product – hardly ringing endorsements!

Whilst cortisol may have a role to play in obesity, the reason that people get fat is not because they’re stressed, it’s because they consume too many calories, eat too many of the wrong types of foods and exercise too little.

Poor diet and our sedentary lifestyles are what cause obesity.

Now, stress can induce overeating in some people, particularly binge eaters who often use food as a way of dealing with stress.

However, CortiSlim weight loss pills are not the answer to stress related overeating. Counselling, therapy and other behaviour change interventions are what’s needed.

In conclusion, the FTC has also ruled against the manufacturers of CortiSlim weight loss pills for making unsubstantiated weight loss claims for their product. Which should tell you all you need to know about their efficacy!

Interestingly, the CortiSlim website also has something called CortiSlim Lifestyle on it since the FTC ruling. It’s a diet and exercise program to go along with the CortSlim weight loss pills…

We wonder which of the diet, exercise or pills will be responsible for most of the weight lost by users!

Our CortiSlim weight loss pills verdict? At as little as $20 for a 30 day supply, they’re not the most expensive weight loss supplements on the market. You may want to try them as an adjunct to a sensible diet and exercise program and see what you think.

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