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8 Effective Fat Burning Tips – Accelerate your Weight Loss

Our fat burning tips are ideal for busy people looking to maximize their weight loss efforts without having to spend hours in the gym.  So what are they?

Well, there are no great surprises – just common sense strategies that will help you to burn fat and lose weight through a healthy approach to diet and exercise.

There are no secret fat burning pills or formulas. No secrets that have been hidden away from the world for centuries and have only just been discovered.

Nope, just tried and tested fat burning tips that are evidence based and work. These are also perfect for people with busy lives to lead.

So, here are 8 effective fat burning tips for busy people. If these tips followed on a regular basis  this will have a dramatic impact on your body shape and weight.

Some Fat Burning Tips

#1. Eat fewer calories

Hah! See, I told you there weren’t any secrets in this list! Seriously, if you want to burn fat and lose weight you need to start by eating fewer calories.

Create a calorie deficit and your body will be forced to draw on its fat reserves to meet some of your daily energy requirements. Check how many calories a day you need by using a free calorie calculator.

#2. Eat little and often

Aim to spread your daily food intake over 5-6 small meals. For example, three main meals and 2-3 snacks. Your body equates dieting with starvation and it responds by dropping your metabolic rate to burn fewer calories to conserve energy and protect its fat stores.

Small meals every couple of hours help to keep your metabolism revved up and burning calories and body fat throughout the day. You can read our review of the Eat All Day Diet, which is an excellent example of this proven weight loss strategy.

#3. Burn more calories through exercise

One of the most important fat burning tips. Exercise increases your metabolism and forces your body to burn more calories, some of which will come from body fat.

Aim to exercise at least three times a week to really ramp up your rate weight loss. Check out our weight loss workout articles for more ideas and information.

#4. Increase your exercise intensity

You’re a busy person, right? So forget the long, slow and boring cardio workouts that you just don’t have time for and replace them with short, intense workouts.

Three, 45 minute workouts a week using a combination of strength and interval training will burn many more calories than low to moderate intensity cardio in the “fat burning zone” that takes hours.

The key to fat loss isn’t working out in the fat burning zone – it’s burning as many calories as possible during your workout! Check out our fat burning workouts for more information on this incredibly effective and time saving fat loss strategy.

#5. Interval training

If you’re busy you won’t have time for hours of seemingly endless cardio – so don’t do it!

Substitute interval training instead, which is essentially a short workout of around 20 minutes composed of short bursts of high intensity activity interspersed with slightly longer periods of low intensity active recovery.

Studies have shown that you can burn up to 9 times as much body fat using high intensity workouts like interval training than moderate intensity cardio. Check out our interval training article for more information.

#6. Strength training

This is one of the key fat burning tips as muscle tissue is responsible for most of the calories you burn each day.

Build some more muscle through incorporating strength training into your exercise regime and you’ll burn more calories – even whilst you’re asleep! Our fat loss workout article has some ideas on how to do that.

#7. Workout at home

If you don’t have time to go to the gym or can’t afford an expensive gym membership then workout at home. It saves time on travelling and queuing for gym equipment and besides, you don’t even need any fancy gym equipment for at home workouts.

#8. Be active every day

Aim to workout three times a week for around 45 minutes max – say Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday, Thursday and the weekend do some fun activity – like going for a 30 minutes walk with the dog or playing football with the kids in the park. Sometimes you can play football with your friends specially in the weekends.

Also, try and build some more physical activity into your daily routine by taking the stairs, walking to work or the shops or getting out of the office or house for a stroll at lunchtime. It all helps to keep your metabolism raised and burning calories and body fat throughout the week.

Wrapping It Up

So, there you have it, eight proven and effective fat burning tips that work. Give them a try and you’ll be amazed at the difference they will make in accelerating your fat burning and weight loss efforts!

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