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Nordic Track X5 Incline Trainer Treadmill Review

Our Nordic Track X5 Incline Trainer Treadmill review investigates a machine that can help you to burn more fat by walking uphill – any good?

The Nordic Track X5 Incline Trainer is like a combination of treadmill and stairclimber – you can use it like a traditional treadmill or incline the machine up to 30% to get a really intense hill walking experience.

The result? According to Nordic Track, you can burn up to three times as many calories walking up a 25-30% slope, compared to walking on the flat.

You can see the appeal and incline trainers are certainly popular, so is the Nordic Track X5 Incline Trainer any good?

Nordic Track X5 Incline Trainer Treadmill Review – Features…

First things first, this is not really a treadmill designed for runners. It’s better suited to walkers looking to add greater intensity to their workout.Whilst retailing for $1,999.00, when compiling our Nordic Track X5 Incline Trainer treadmill review we found this model for as low as$1,599.00 – and at that price this treadmill stacks up well against the opposition.

The X5 inclines up to 30% and walking up a steep slope like that will certainly burn more calories than walking on the flat. It will certainly work your cardiovascular system hard.

The other feature that seperates the X5 from other similar treadmills are the “cardio cables”, which offer an adjustable resistance workout for your upper body whilst you’re walking.

This results in a whole body workout that’s a great timesaver and increases the number of calories burned.

The X5 has a 2.0HP motor, which given that this treadmill is designed for walkers and not runners is adequate.

The X5’s top speed is 10mph, again more than enough for walkers – you’ll struggle to get anywhere near that when walking uphill!

The treadmill itself is fairly compact and folds up and the belt is only 52″ x 20″, so is a good choice for home users where space is tight.

The X5 is suitable for users up to 300lbs and has a stable, well-built frame with a solid feel.

As you’d expect from Nordic Track treadmills, there are plenty of electronic features, including the Navigator Console, with 23 workout programs, a CardioTrack heart rate monitor and is compatible, so you can download more workout programs if you need them.

The X5 has the usual Nordic Track warranties. A lifetime warranty on the motor, and one year on the parts/electronics and labour.

Not bad but not great in this price range, where much longer warranties on parts and labour are common.


Nordic Track X5 Incline Trainer Treadmill Review – The Bottom Line…

Our Nordic Track X5 Incline Trainer treadmill review found a lot to admire about this machine.

I would go as far as to say it’s one of the best incline trainers on the market. Given the upper body workout feature not found on machines like the Bowflex Treadclimber for instance, it provides a more versatile option for the money.

If you’re looking for a solid, well built treadmill to walk on and like the intensity that walking up steep inclines brings, then I’d certainly recommend that you consider the X5.

Our Nordic Track X5 Incline Trainer treadmill review verdict? This is a well built, compact machine for the money and a good choice for home users.

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