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Online Weight Loss Programs

Online weight loss programs are a relatively new concept but offer a highly individual, interactive and flexible way to lose weight.

The internet has only been around in a usable form for 10-12 years and online diets have sprung up everywhere during that time, offering a very convenient option for internet savvy dieters.

So are they a good option and which ones are worth taking a look at?

What’s the Appeal of Online Weight Loss Programs…?

One of the most compelling pieces of evidence arising from countless surveys is that individual support is crucial to weight loss success.

The secret to the success of slimming clubs is that a group meeting gives members a chance to discuss their progress with their peers.

As they say, a problem shared is a problem solved…

This coupled with the personal support of the group leader gives dieters a regular top up of motivation, advice and guidance.

However, weekly meetings are not for everyone.

One of our clients for instance, who’d been to one meeting a few years ago commented that, “There’s no way I’m going to pay for the ritual humiliation of a weekly weigh in!”.

That may be taking things a bit far, but she had a point.

Furthermore, the commitment required to attend an hour long meeting week after week is difficult for many people to maintain.

Life also has a habit of getting in the way…family commitments, holidays, nights out, something good on TV.

Childcare is another barrier to attending meetings for many people.

Men and young people are also generally averse to slimming clubs.

Research carried out by companies like Weight Watchers and Slimming World indicate that over 80% of members are women, most being over 40.

Now slimming clubs do work and offer a proven solution for many people, but they’re not for everyone.

Another option is a weight loss counselor or personal trainer, but these can be expensive and beyond the means of many people.

So, if you’re looking for some support and a personally tailored plan, then online weight loss programs offer an alternative.

Research indicates a variety of reasons for the burgeoning success of the online weight loss industry, which includes:

  • Individualised diet and exercise plans
  • 24/7 support
  • Flexibility
  • The option to change plans if you get bored
  • Articles and resources that expand your knowledge about weight loss
  • Moderated online forums to seek advice and support from fellow dieters
  • The sense of being part of a community
  • The price – most work out to pennies a day
  • The convenience
  • A time efficient option for busy people with little time to diet, plan meals or attend meetings
  • Participating from the comfort of your own home
  • No meetings to attend
  • Of course, you need a computer and an internet connection, preferably broadband as there’s a lot of info you can download as well as streamed videos to watch on Youtube.

    Many people now shop online, learn online, bank online…online weight loss programs are simply a logical extension to the online commercial and knowledge economy.

    Some online weight loss companies not only supply the weight loss programs and advice, but you can buy your groceries from them online at the same time.

    The menus, recipes and all the ingredients delivered to your PC and front door – how’s that for convenience!

    Do Online Weight Loss Programs Work…?

    Apart from the evaluation findings published by the companies themselves, there’s not a great deal of evidence around to prove that they are any more or less effective than more traditional means of dieting.

    Most of the programs around offer sound, evidence based and healthy plans that will certainly help you to get results if you stick with them.

    Some programs offer a variety of plans so if you find one hard to stick to or if you get bored after a few months you can try another.

    Most traditional diets are one size fits all, particularly those commonly found in books, magazines and newspapers.

    Online weight loss programs are more interactive and ‘real time’. For instance, you generally have a questionnaire to fill in first. Depending on the info you supply, the plan can be tailored to you rather than an imaginary Mr or Mrs Average.

    This is a real advantage, because your:

  • Lean/fat ratio
  • Activity levels
  • Weight gain/loss history
  • Metabolic rate, and so on…
  • …are all important to the results you can expect on any diet.

    The best online weight loss programs can also support wider lifestyle changes that can be crucial to your long term weight maintenance an important factor to look out for.

    So, weight loss online may be something to think about.

    Online weight loss programs are not going to be right for everyone, but if you use the internet and are looking for a convenient, personally tailored and cost effective way to lose weight and keep it off then check them out.

    We’ve reviewed a couple of the best online programs and for us eDiets stands out as a good place to start.

    Check out our eDiets review for more information.

    Online weight loss programs may well provide the solution to your weight loss challenges.

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