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ProForm 900 CardioCross Elliptical Trainer Review

Our ProForm 900 CardioCross elliptical trainer review examines a high spec elliptical at a budget price – is it a good choice?

Now we’re talking – whilst requiring a greater investment than the cheaper ProForm ellipticals, the 900 CardioCross looks a much better bet in a number of respects.

It’s more solidly built, has a number of worthwhile features that will add to your workout experience and it retails for a relatively modest $699.00, although you can get it at significantly discounted prices…more of that later.

Admittedly, it’s twice the price of the cheaper models, but for the money you’re getting a much better machine that should prove a durable workout companion.

Let’s take a closer look…

ProForm 900 CardioCross Elliptical Trainer Review – Features

With the 900 CardioCross, however, it’s a different story.There’s usually a ‘but…’ from us when it comes to ProForm ellipticals. Sure you get a lot of eye-catching features for the money, but the machines themselves are often not really up to much.

Ok, you get some of the bells and whistles, but you also get a pretty decent elliptical for the price.

I’d go as far as to say that this is one of the better under $700 ellipticals on the market…and that’s in the extremely competitive low to mid-price market.

Just take a look at the features…

Our ProForm 900 CardioCross elliptical trainer review found compatibility, so you can download extra workouts if the six pre-programmed workouts prove insufficient.

There’s the ‘Get There’ electronics, which provide essential workout information on a large LCD display, and the EKG grip pulse sensors to monitor your heart rate.

All well and good, but what I really like is the Reflex Step technology.

Essentially, the pedals absorb the downward energy of your stride and use it to push you into your next step – the result is a much smoother and more continuous motion than you get in other treadmills at this price.

I was very impressed – and surprised – at how good the 900 CardioCross felt to use. The Custom Stride pedals also add to the experience, enabling you to set up your stride length ‘just so’…

Combine this with the adjustable upper body levers and you get a decent whole body workout on a stable, solid-feeling elliptical.

Ok, you still don’t get the super-smooth eddy current brake (ECB) system found on higher priced ellipticals. Instead you have to make do with silent magnetic resistance (SMR)…but it is under $700, after all!

Granted, the warranties are still a meagre 90 days and don’t expect a commercial quality elliptical. But for the price you get a good value elliptical that shouldn’t let you down.

At that price, it blows holes in many ellipticals costing several hundred dollars more.

ProForm 900 CardioCross Elliptical Trainer Review – The Bottom Line…

As a result of our ProForm 900 CardioCross elliptical trainer review, we would conclude that this is one of the best machines in this price range.

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