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vx treadmill

ProForm CrossTrainer VX Treadmill Review

Our ProForm CrossTrainer VX treadmill review takes a look at a treadmill that promises a great whole body workout – but does it?

Essentially, the ProForm VX CrossTrainer treadmill is a treadmill with a few small handheld weights thrown in. The idea is that you can hold the weights as you walk or run as you might do when pounding the streets.

You might even want to do a few curls or presses while you’re at it!

The handheld weights and the rack you store them in are the ‘unique selling point’ of this treadmill, but it comes with a whole load of additional features as well.

vx treadmill

On the face of it, this looks like a great package for a treadmill costing $699 – but is it trying to be a jack of all trades, whilst mastering none?

ProForm CrossTrainer VX Treadmill Review – Features…

You get electronic features like QuickSpeed and Power Incline controls – the VX inclines to 10%.Well, this treadmill is certainly loaded with features for what is really a budget price.

There’s the Competitor control panel, which gives you the essential info about your workout – speed, distance covered, time and so on.

There’s a heart rate monitor, iFit.com compatability to download extra workout programs, the handheld weights…

But it’s at the business end that our ProForm CrossTrainer VX treadmill review would suggest that it’s lacking.

You get a meagre 1.5 CHP motor, barely enough for walking let alone jogging. A very compact 50″ x 18″ treadbelt – not great for taller users.

The build quality is also rather lightweight – this is not the most stable treadmill we’ve come across despite the claimed 300lb weight capacity.

I’m also not particularly impressed with the ProTech cushioning, which is a little hard on the joints.

Having said all that, this is not a treadmill aimed at competing in the $2,000 plus category or with commercial quality machines.

For under $700 you do get quite a lot for your money – it’s just that all those parts add up to a somewhat unsatisfying whole.

ProForm CrossTrainer VX Treadmill Review – The Bottom Line…

First off, our ProForm CrossTrainer VX treadmill review would conclude that you certainly get a lot for your money with this machine.

It’s easy to be seduced by the long list of features and the option of a treadmill with hand held weights thrown in.

But step back and take a more objective look. The motor is weak, the belt is small, the cushioning is sparse, the build quality verging on adequate.

Now this is a treadmill aimed at buyers with a limited budget – ProForm’s target market, but there are better machines around at this price. Check out our Nordic Track treadmill review, for instance.

I can’t help but feel that the handheld weights are a bit of a gimmick to set what is a very basic machine with a few frills apart from the crowd – and the rest of ProForm’s line-up!

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