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ProForm Elliptical Trainer Review

Any ProForm elliptical trainer review would mention the low prices, the wide range of features, the popularity of the brand – but are they any good?

ProForm is one of the Icon Health and Fitness family of companies. Icon is one of the biggest manufacturers of exercise equipment and includes Weslo, Reebok and Nordic Track in their portfolio.

ProForm make low-priced ellipticals and treadmills that are packed with features and are aimed at the mass market – home exercisers looking for a bargain and great value for money.

And it’s value for money that drives ProForm’s approach to building ellipticals.

A policy that doesn’t always pay off as it can result in flimsy machines that look as if they’ll fall apart when you step on them!

However, there are one or two aces in the pack if you’re a buyer with a limited budget – so read on!

ProForm Elliptical Trainer Review – Introduction to the Range

ProForm are probably better known for their treadmills, but they’ve expanded into the elliptical market and have a wide range of trainers retailing from around $299 to $1,000.

We’re not going to review every machine the company makes in this ProForm elliptical trainer review, but this is a pretty indicative sample of the more popular models.

There are some real dogs here, but one or two are worth checking out if you’re looking for a ton of features on a trainer that should perform reasonably well and won’t break too quickly.

Here we go, cheapest first:

ProForm 320 Elliptical
ProForm 330 Elliptical
ProForm Cardio CrossTrainer 650 Elliptical
ProForm 900 CardioCross Elliptical
ProForm 20.0 CrossTrainer Elliptical

ProForm Elliptical Trainer Review – Features…

Even the cheapest models in the range have at least six workout programs built in, large LCD display consoles, heart rate monitors, cooling fans, upper body workout arms…This is the real selling point of ProForm ellipticals…never mind the quality, just check out the huge array of toys and gimmicks you get for your money!

Work your way up the range and you get more workout programs, iFit.com compatibility, better consoles…even interactive video games to play whilst you exercise and a built-in ‘personal trainer’ that talks to you!

Ok, so much for the frills and gadgets – what about the machines themselves…?

Not long into our ProForm elliptical trainer review we were reminded of the obvious…you get what you pay for!

The problem that all manufacturers have at this end of the market is that it’s impossible to build a quality elliptical for such cheap prices.

Sure, it may look like you’re getting value for money but the quality is just not there…

The more expensive models aren’t so bad, but the cheap ones are flimsy, wobbly, poorly constructed, lightweight and feel as if they’ll start wearing out within a few months of regular use. This is reflected in the minimal warranties.

However, if you’re only paying a couple of hundred dollars what more do you expect?

The more expensive models are much better put together, with sturdier frames, smoother actions and greater stability.

Ok, they’re not going to compete on any level with quality performers like a Sole elliptical, but then you’re paying upwards of $1,000.

Accept ProForm ellipticals for what they are – economy trainers built for light and occasional home use. On that level, there are a couple of decent ones you might want to consider.

ProForm Elliptical Trainer Review – The Bottom Line…

Our ProForm elliptical trainer review would conclude that however tight your budget, there’s a ProForm elliptical to suit it.

They’re affordable and feature-packed, but won’t give you the kind of workout experience you’d expect of the machines at your local gym.

Avoid the really cheap ones, but for moderate intensity workouts there are a couple of contenders you might want to consider.

Check out these reviews and see if they help you to make your mind up!

ProForm 320 Elliptical Trainer Review
ProForm 330 Elliptical Trainer Review
ProForm Cardio CrossTrainer 650 Elliptical Trainer Review
ProForm 900 CardioCross Elliptical Trainer Review
ProForm 20.0 CrossTrainer Elliptical Trainer Review.

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