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Spirit Z9 Treadmill Review

Our Spirit Z9 treadmill review examines a high spec machine that should provide a quality workout for serious home users – does it?

At first glance the Z9 promises a great deal with a powerful motor and well-above average build quality.

As they’ve done with many of the models in their stable, Spirit has produced a genuine contender in the intensely competitive mid-price range market.

As you move up the range Spirit gives you a little more each time for a modest extra investment and the Z9 is no exception.

Spirit’s philosophy is to provide affordable quality and they generally deliver.

So what makes the Z9 a serious option for your hard earned cash?

Spirit Z9 Treadmill Review – Features…

For a start there’s the powerful 3.0HP continuous duty motor, unusual for treadmills with similar price tags to the Z9.The Z9 shares the same dimensions, frame and good looks as the outstanding but slightly cheaper Z88 However, there are one or two major differences that account for the slightly higher price tag.

And why is that important? Well, 3.0HP makes the Z9 suitable for more serious runners and eases the strain on the motor that heavier users may cause.

The 55″ x 20″ running surface will suit all but the tallest runners and the maximum speed of 12mph is sufficient for serious athletes.

The cushion flex deck and large 2.5″ rollers ensure a comfortable ride and should prolong the life of the substantial 1″ thick belt.

There’s also a 15% power incline that adds hill-climbing intensity to any workout.

As with the other models in the Z series, the Z9’s build quality is impressive and although not quite commercial quality, should ensure a durable machine that will last.

The Z9 folds up for easy storage, which will enable the home exerciser with limited space to stow it out of sight when not in use.

My only real – albeit minor – issue with the cheaper Z8 and Z88 was the user interface. The display console and electornic features were a little basic.

However, the Z9 comes equipped with a sharp LED display that tracks the vital info pertaining to your workout as well as delivering 10 exercise programs.

Five of these are standard, three are user defined and the remaining two are heart rate control programs that ensure the treadmill automatically adjusts the belt speed to keep you in your chosen training zone.

You also get a pulse grip heart rate monitor and a telemetric belt for hands-free heart rate monitoring.

The warranties are impressively generous in this price range where Spirit leads the way – now there’s confidence in their products!

There’s a lifetime warranty on the frame, 30 years on the motor, five years on the parts and electronics and one year on the labour.

The Z9 variously retails for over $2,000 but there are some big discounts to be had online.

Spirit Z9 Treadmill Review – The Bottom Line…

It’s easy to run out of superlatives when it comes to Spirit treadmills as they really do seem to have the right philosophy when it comes to their business – top quality products at affordable prices.

I have yet to find anything like the same value for money in competitors like ProForm or NordicTrack.

If you’re looking for a treadmill that will carry on performing workout after workout then then our Spirit Z9 treadmill review would conclude that this one should fit the bill – at $1,299 it presents an outstanding overall package.

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