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The Food Doctor Everyday Diet Review

This The Food Doctor Everyday Diet Review will help you to understand the principles behind this popular weight loss program.

There are a number of books that you can buy as well as an online weight loss plan, which offers personalized advice, support and information.

We like the books. As well as the original there’s also The Food Doctor Everyday Diet Cookbook and The Food Doctor Diet Club.

The online weight loss plan provides a further dimension.

So, on with The Food Doctor Everyday Diet review…who is the Food Doctor?

The Food Doctor Everyday Diet Review – What is it…?

The Food Doctor is Ian Marber, a nutrition consultant who runs The Food Doctor Clinic in London. He studied at London’s Institute for Optimum Nutrition and there’s a slightly ‘alternative’ feel to his books and diet, which sets him apart a bit.

He works on a one to one basis from his clinic with his clients, which includes a number of celebrities.

He’s written a number of books, such as his latest – The Food Doctor Everyday Diet, as well as titles like The Food Doctor Everyday Diet Cookbook and The Food Doctor – Healing Foods for Mind and Body.

There’s a website, too, where you can get general weight loss advice, find out more about the The Food Doctor approach to weight loss, buy his books, products and services.

The Food Doctor’s approach to weight loss isn’t exactly new, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s based on sound healthy eating principles and attempts to deal with the person rather than just their weight.

It’s a holistic approach to weight loss that’s quite refreshing and a little ‘new age’.

The Food Doctor Everyday Diet Review – How Does it Work…?

The Food Doctor Everyday Diet recognises that your body is designed to store fat and that dieting causes the body’s starvation response to kick in. Your metabolism drops as your body conserves energy.

Each time you diet your body becomes better prepared and responds more quickly. Hence, repeated dieting becomes less and less effective.

The solution is not a diet in the conventional sense, but a healthy eating plan based on ten principles that is designed to retrain your metabolism.

The diet starts with a quick start 7-day diet, which is designed to help you to lose 3-7 lbs, after you which you move on to the long term eating plan.

Essentially, the ten principles are a low GI, moderate to low carb, moderate protein program based on sound healthy eating guidelines and common sense. It’s really the packaging that’s different.

Whilst no major food groups are banned, you’re advised to cut out or cut down on sugar and refined carbohydrates. We’ve no problem with that!

We like the principles and the fact that the diet recognises that people will cheat and applies a 80:20 principle – stick with it 80% of the time and goof off (within reason) for the other 20%.

We also like the fact that the foods and meals recommended are everyday items on the whole that you can buy in any supermarket.

It also recognises the time limitations that people have to shop and cook and is a good choice for busy people.

The books are well written and affordable, maybe a bit simplistic for some but for most people that’s no bad thing. The website has some useful info on it, but really acts as a sales tool for The Food Doctor products.

You don’t have to buy or use his supplements, foods and so on, but they’re available if you want them.

The Food Doctor also offers a personal Weight Loss Plan on his website, designed to optimise your weight loss and general health.

The plan looks at a number of factors that can influence your weight, increase your energy, improve your digestion, skin, sleep and so on.

This is done through a hair mineral test, a health questionnaire and food diary.

Your personalized plan comes with tips, advice and meal planners. You can also sign up for one to one consultations over the phone with a nutritional consultant. All at a price of course!

For instance, the 100 day plan cost £99 and the monthly newsletter is £24.99 a month and gives you a 20% discount on any products you buy.

The Food Doctor Everyday Diet Review – The Bottom Line…

There’s nothing truly new in the weight loss world, it’s more about how you spin it…and this diet is spun well.

The Food Doctor Everyday Diet review likes the books, they’re well worth a read and good value for money.

The principles upon which the diet are based are generally sound and what you would expect from a low carb programme.

However, it’s more than that as there’s an emphasis on your wider health and well being that goes beyond simply losing weight.

We can’t comment on the personized Weight Loss Plan offered on the website as we’ve not used it.

At £33 a month it’s more expensive than many online program’s.

If one to one support is what you need, there are more cost effective options, but it’s not an unreasonable price to pay providing the advice and support is good.

If you’re interested in this plan, before committing to the online program, which is not inexpensive you might want to try the book first.

The Food Doctor Everyday Diet review verdict? Looks like a sound bet to us!

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