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Eat More to Lose Weight – But Eat Less Calorie

Most diet plan and weight loss programs offer very limited calories, which can be harmful to your body. In the process of cutting your calorie intake, you might also cut your intake of beneficial minerals and vitamins. There comes a time when taking in fewer calories does not help with losing weight, but rather increases your appetite and lowers satiety as the body fights starvation. Thus, it becomes very difficult to follow a weight loss program if you constantly find yourself craving food.

Don’t Starve! Starving doesn’t help in Weight Loss

If you starve your body, it will burn either fat or muscle to produce energy. If your body does not get a healthy amount of calories, it starts burning muscles. Losing lean muscle mass causes weakness and makes you susceptible to viral diseases. To combat this, you can use steroids from according to your needs in order to lose weight healthily. But it is not natural. You can try natural foods that will help you in burning fat.

What Should You Eat?

If you want to lose weight the right way, it is important tocalculate the amount of calories your body needs. You should eat healthy levels of food to ensure you have sufficient energy levels and your blood glucose does not become dangerously low. Another benefit of having a proper meal is that it helps in regulating your metabolism.  Below are a few foods you should incorporate into your daily diet to lose weight healthily:

  1. Whole grains

Professional nutritionists advise a healthy intake of wholegrain foods such as whole grain cereals, breads, whole wheat, brown rice and waffles. This is a healthier option than eating refined foods. Whole grains contain more fiber and essential vitamins and are more nutritious and filling than refined foods. They give your body a full and sated feeling, unlike foods containing fats and carbohydrates, which only make you overeat.

  1. Foods with high water content

Foods like vegetables, fruits, cereals and soups are low in calories and have a high water content. Many nutritionists recommend incorporating vegetables and fruits into each meal. In addition to water, they also contain essential vitamins and minerals which are very important for remaining healthy and fit. Other foods with a high water content include puddings, pasta, yogurt, seafood and beans. Eat these instead of fatty foods like pizzas and burgers, which are made from white flour bread and are fattening. A diet full of junk food means you will be taking in a lot of calories and few essential nutrients.

  1. Low-fat foods

Low-fat foods have a low-calorie content and contain low amounts of carbohydrates and proteins. They are very beneficial for healthy weight loss. For example, eight ounces of fat-free milk consists of 86 calories whereas whole milk consists of 150 calories. To add diversity to your meals, you can incorporate low-fat salad dressings like mayonnaise, and prepare low-fat desserts and ice creams. This way, you will be able to lose weight in a healthy manner without compromising on your favorite foods.

All these are nutritious and energy-boosting foods that can help you shed weight healthily.


People always think that eating less or starving help in weight loss. But that is a totally wrong concept. It always matter that how many calories you are eating. You can eat very small amount but with lots of calories. That will not help. On the other hand you will feel lighter and want to eat more. So, it is very important to notice what you are eating, how much calories they contain. I think the image attached next will help you to understand the necessity of eating more but healthy foods with less amount of calorie.

Hope these tips will help you to decide what to eat and what to remove from your weight loss program. We always suggest you to eat more and feel full. That will reduce your hunger. But eat the foods with lowest amount of calorie. And also eat all types of foods to make a balance. Thus you will be able to maintain a great health. And a great health helps in better fitness and healthy life.

There is nothing more important than being healthy and happy. So, eat more, eat variety of foods. Keep yourself fit and healthy.

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