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About Us

Hi, we’re Marcus and Lisa Warnes from Weight Loss for Busy People.com and welcome to our website!

We started Weight Loss for Busy People.com because we’re real people with all the usual weight loss challenges that the vast majority of people face day to day.

We’re busy people with careers, a family, a social life, hobbies and interests…all the usual trappings of busy people that get in the way of a healthy lifestyle, despite our best efforts!

Marcus has a background in health promotion and public health, 16 years of which have been spent working for the UK’s National Health Service. He has a Masters degree in Health Promotion and various other post-graduate qualifications and is a qualified fitness instructor.

Lisa is a biochemist with a PhD and 14 years of post doctoral research and marketing in health related fields under her belt.

We’ve always had an interest in…more a passion for, really…good food, health, nutrition, exercise and weight loss.

We’ve employed a range of behaviour change models and counselling strategies in both our professional and business careers to help people achieve their weight loss goals.

We have a part-time weight loss business that we’ve run together for the last three years and most of our clients are, well, you guessed it…busy people!

A comment that many of them make is that they haven’t got time to diet. So, Weight Loss for Busy People.com is for people like them.

It’s packed full of free, practical information and strategies to use to achieve your weight loss goals when life conspires against you.
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Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any query or can help us with any useful information about healthy dieting supplements that can help in reducing weight or any tips to lose weight or workout techniques or products to burn fat. We appreciate your thoughts highly. Please contact us here.