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Spirit XT800 Treadmill

Spirit XT800 Treadmill Review

Our Spirit XT800 treadmill review looks at the top of the range XT series treadmill from Spirit. It's not cheap! So how does it compare to the competition? In a word - very well. Sorry, that's two words... The $2,000-$3,000 price range is packed with some exceptionally good machines. In…

Ratings Of Spirit XT800

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Our Spirit XT800 treadmill review looks at the top of the range XT series treadmill from Spirit. It’s not cheap! So how does it compare to the competition?

In a word – very well. Sorry, that’s two words…

The $2,000-$3,000 price range is packed with some exceptionally good machines.

In this price bracket you can stop thinking about the corners that need to be cut to turn out competitively priced budget machines and instead invest in a top quality product.

Now, given that Spirit’s budget priced treadmills are pretty much as good as you’ll get from any manufacturer. My expectations of the XT800 were… Well, sky high to say the least.

Was I disappointed? Well…

Buy Spirit XT Treadmil

Spirit XT800 Treadmill Review – Features

Buying a Spirit probably wouldn’t even be a consideration. People with a budget approaching $3,000 would normally look at buying something like a Smooth or Vision treadmill, maybe a reconditioned Landice.

Spirit XT800 Treadmill

Why’s that? Well, the pre-Dyaco Spirit’s were hardly state of the art and despite being reinvented as a brand! Spirit doesn’t quite have the market presence of the more illustrious competition.

Maybe that’s why they turn out such outstanding treadmills across the range at such bargain prices?

In other words, Spirit is a seriously underrated brand and our Spirit XT800 treadmill review would conclude that this model is a good case in point.

I would suggest that you’d struggle to find a better treadmill for the money, Period.

Let’s take a look at why.

Firstly, The Motor

There’s the powerful 3.5 HP continuous duty motor which purrs along easily and quietly at lower speeds and barely breaks into more than a slight grumble when spinning the belt along at the maximum 12 mph.

You’d expect a decent motor in this price range and the XT800’s doesn’t disappoint.

Running Surface

The XT800 is aimed at serious home trainers and the motor combined with the very spacious 60″ x 20″ running surface. This provides a suitably serious workout companion.

The heavyweight 1″ thick, 2 ply belt glides over huge 3″ rollers, guaranteeing a smooth ride as well as reduced belt friction and the resulting belt tension.

The running surface is both comfortable and responsive – Spirit have got the cushioning pretty much spot on.

As you’d expect, the deck elevates – all the way up to 15%, which should prove plenty for hilly runs.

The quick change controls on the handles make changing the treadmill’s elevation and speed a simple and convenient one touch exercise.

It doesn’t Fold

The one factor that the XT800 doesn’t share with the rest of the XT series is that it doesn’t fold.

Now home users with limited space would probably rate a fold up treadmill as essential, but what you lose in terms of easy storage you gain in extra stability and durability.

A fixed deck is inherently more stable than one that folds. Hence the absence of a folding mechanism eliminates all those extra parts that may break and need replacing.

Be clear about your needs and if you don’t need to stow your treadmill away between workouts, then why buy a fold up?

The Design Of Display

The tri-colour, six window, LED console display is the same as that found on the XT600. But you will also get a 32 character message window.

How it works?

A useful feature to enable you to quickly monitor your progress at a glance during your workout.

The 10 workout programs include six standard preset programs, two personal and two heart rate control programs as well as an auto pilot setting.

The latter automatically adjusts the speed of the belt and therefore the intensity of your workout so as to keep your heart rate in your optimum training zone.

To get the most out of the heart control programs, the XT800 comes with a chest belt for hands-free heart rate monitoring. There are pulse grip heart rate monitors built into the handles as well.

The XT800 also features a CD/MP3 interface and speakers built into the console as well as twin cooling fans. All of which complement your workout experience.

The excellent warranties include a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor. The warranty includes five years on the parts and two years on the labour.

Spirit XT800 Treadmill Review – The Bottom Line…

What can I say other than that the XT800 should be near the very top of your shopping list if you’re in the market for a $2,000-$3,000 treadmill.

It’s tough not to like this machine and I can’t figure out quite why it’s so underrated.

At the list price it’s a good deal. At the discounted price it’s a steal!

Our Spirit XT800 treadmill review would conclude that if you want a well designed, solid, stable, value for money treadmill with a powerful motor and comfortable running surface you could do a lot worse than take a look at the XT800.

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