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Bob Greene

Bob Greene Diet Review

Any Bob Greene diet review is going to major on his time as Oprah’s personal trainer, but after seven weight loss books there’s much more to Bob than chat show hosts!

Bob Greene has been producing quality diet and exercise books for a decade, and whilst his approach has evolved the central philosophy has remained consistent.

This is never more evident than in his online plan, Bob Greene’s Total Body Makeover.

Bob Greene is an exercise physiologist and as such, his approach to weight loss is based in no small part on regular and intense workouts.

He also recognizes the psychological importance of food and eating. He seeks to help you tackle your emotional eating and the destructive behavior that results in overeating.

So, let’s see what Bob Greene’s diet is all about!

Bob Greene Diet Review – How Does it Work…?

Bob Greene

Greene’s starting point is that many people who are overweight often eat as an emotional response to stressful situations.

It’s a way of coping, but it’s a destructive behavior characterized by binge eating.

Greene helps you to uncover the reasons for your overeating and to identify the triggers that initiate a binge.

He also helps you to recognize and avoid your trigger foods. The foods that you so often crave and can never just eat one of!

Greene’s approach also centers on eating regular meals spread throughout the day.

By doing so, you stave off hunger and keep your metabolism stoked up and burning calories all day.

Greene recommends you eat five times a day — three meals and two snacks with the last meal no less than two hours before bed time.

Good advice!

There’s also a heavy emphasis on exercise in Greene’s approach to weight control.

You start off slowly with mild exercise routines amounting to around an hour a week.

You then build up incrementally to a balanced and strenuous hour-long workout a day…

Stretching, stamina building aerobic exercise and resistance training to build strength and muscle all feature.

The step by step approach to eating, behavior change and exercise is evident throughout Greene’s books and in his Total Body Makeover.

The plan focuses on identifying the causes of your weight problems and designing your own solutions.

The idea is to gradually redesign your lifestyle, building changes into your daily routine and establishing them so they become permanent.

Greene is not particularly prescriptive as far as the diet side goes.

The plan is low fat, less than 50g a day. You also eat an adequate intake of lean protein with lots of white fish.

Two servings of fruit and four of veg a day together with seven servings of whole grains ensure you get plenty of ‘good’ carbs and essential nutrients.

Bob Greene Diet Review – Does it Work…?

Our Bob Greene diet review would suggest that he’s got all the bases covered.

This is a relatively simple, fad-free plan, based on a healthy, balanced diet, regular exercise and long term behavior change.

If you’re serious about losing weight and keeping it off, then this plan should do it.

There are a few niggles, though.

For instance, whilst the approach to exercise is gradual and incremental, some people with busy lives may find exercising for an hour a day difficult to make time for.

However, Greene is forthright in his assertion that if you’re really serious about losing weight and getting in shape, then that’s what’s required.

The weight training in phase four of the program will call for frequent trips to the gym or the investment in some weights and a bench to use at home.

Again, a level of commitment that some may find they’re unwilling to make.

As far as food is concerned, Greene is a little vague in terms of exactly how much to eat each day.

We personally like this flexible approach, which gets people away from calorie counting and weighing and measuring food.

However, a more prescriptive approach may benefit some people, at least when starting out on the diet and getting to grips with portion control.

A big plus for us is the attention paid to the psychological aspects of food and overeating.

Simply giving people meal plans and recipes is not going to work until the underlying, often emotional causes of their overeating are addressed.

Greene proposes numerous proven strategies that many overeaters and binge eaters will find effective if applied consistently.

Bob Greene Diet Review – The Bottom Line…

Our Bob Greene diet review would conclude that this is an excellent program that with some effort on your behalf, has the potential to deliver the results you deserve.

This isn’t the easiest diet you’ll ever try, but if you’re genuinely serious and give it time it may well be the last one you’ll ever need!

Diet, exercise and behavior change are the foundations for healthy, sustainable weight loss and long term weight maintenance.

This program delivers them in spades!

If you’d like to give Bob Greene’s highly effective program a try, then check out eDiets…Oprah’s trainer comes to you – Bob Greene’s Total Body Makeover 3i102p59y31NQOTPRWVNPOSOWOXP -

Our Bob Greene diet review verdict? Highly recommended!

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