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The Mayo Clinic Weight Loss Diet Plan Review

The Mayo Clinic weight loss diet plan offers a doctor-designed lifestyle approach to managing your weight and maintaining it…but does it work?

Good question, but before we address it, let’s clear something up.

In this review we’re discussing the real Mayo Clinic plan. Not the dodgy Mayo Clinic diet that has nothing to do with the Mayo Clinic and has been doing the rounds on the internet, word of mouth and other means for years now.

The latter in our view is an unhealthy, high fat, high protein diet that whilst it can acheive rapid results, should only be followed if at all, for a max of two months.

The Mayo Clinic weight loss diet that we’re talking about here has been developed by the experts at the Mayo Clinic and is based on sound nutritional principles.


How Does the Mayo Clinic Weight Loss Diet Work…?

mayo clinic diet

The Mayo Clinic Plan offers a lifestyle approach to weight loss that goes beyond traditional dieting. It’s designed to help you maintain a healthy weight for a lifetime.

In our experience, losing the weight, whilst a struggle for many is only the start. Keeping it off in the long term is another ball game altogether and is where the real challenge begins!

After all, you don’t want to be on a diet forever, do you?

Furthermore, the Mayo Clinic weight loss diet focusses on more than just weight loss. It’s a useful tool for improving your overall health.

Based on the Mayo Clinic’s research and clinical experience, the plan has four key elements:

  • The Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid – an adaptable healthy eating plan that focusses on nutritious, low calorie, high volume foods, such as fruit and veg at the base. Other foods that should be eaten in moderation, like lean proteins and whole grain carbs are further up the pyramid
  • Increasing Your Physical Activity – a cornerstone of the Mayo Clinic weight loss diet is building some physical activity into your daily routine, whether by simply moving more or through a more formal exercise program
  • Setting Goals – goals based on specific, measurable, achievable tasks and activities, rather than pounds lost gives you clear objectives and the means to achieve them. In our experience, people who set themselves clear goals, which are written down and regularly referred to are much more likely to be successful than people that don’t
  • Staying Motivated – motivation and a desire to succeed are the hallmarks of the successful dieter, someone that conquers their weight loss challenges once and for all. Motivation gets you over the barriers that you’ll face day to day. The Mayo Clinic weight loss diet offers a comprehensive and easy to follow range of motivational tools
  • The Bottom Line…

    It really is hard to criticize and we wonder how much PR damage the other Mayo diet has done to the very healthy, real Mayo Clinic Plan.We like this plan. The Mayo Clinic weight loss diet offers a sensible, healthy and common sense approach to weight loss.

    It’s a shame as this really is a healthy and effective choice as it:

  • Is based on sound clinical evidence
  • Enables you to lose a healthy 1-2lbs a week
  • Means you can eat virtually unlimited fruit and vegetables
  • Means you can eat whole grains, lean protein and heart healthy unsaturated fats
  • Helps you to lower your health risks, particularly from heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes and dietary-related cancers by achieving a healthy weight and lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Will ensure you don’t go hungry as you’ll be eating large quantities of lower calorie foods
  • Is the Mayo Clinic weight loss diet the perfect diet? Hmm, probably not far off and we’d give it a resounding thumbs up.

    Our verdict? It’s a healthy and effective choice!

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