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personalized weight loss

Personalized Weight Loss Plan

This personalized weight loss plan starts with you and the reasons why you are overweight. Ok, so you’ve got a pretty good idea about what to do, but how do you lose weight and keep it off long term?

Its not enough to know the calorific value of every chocolate bar in the sweet shop, how many grams of fat there are in a raspberry danish, to have a PhD in nutritional science. There are plenty of fat doctors and dietitians!

What you also need to succeed is an understanding of the habits, behaviours, thoughts and feelings that made you fat and are keeping you fat.

You need to recognise and accept them to make the changes in your life necessary to reshape your body and attitude.

If you don’t you’ll stay fat.

You need a personalized weight loss plan that starts from where you are at…not where some diet guru thinks you’re at!

A personalized weight loss plan that doesn’t focus so much on dieting, but focusses on why you overeat.

Once you stop overeating, once you control your eating you’ll be able to lose the fat permanently!

When we work with our clients, we do some of the usual diet stuff, but what we really concentrate on is helping people to understand the reasons for their weight gain, the problems they have tried to deal with by eating.

It’s not what you eat so much as how you feel when you eat that needs to be addressed.

For example, if your life is full of challenges then food is often a great comforter.

Personalized Weight Loss Plan

Sugary and starchy carbs and fat make you feel good. They stimulate the production of feel good hormones that relax you. You come to rely on food to get you through rough patches.

personalized weight loss

If you cope with problems by eating you need to develop different coping strategies. Develop alternative coping strategies and you remove a cause of your overeating.

Unsuccessful dieters live and die by the scales. Successfully slim people develop healthy eating habits, build some exercise into their daily routines, grow to value and feel good about themselves, develop a positive self image.

Sounds great, but how do you do it? How do you develop your own personalized weight loss plan?

Here are some strategies that we have used with great success with our clients over the years. Try them for yourself.

Visualize Your Success…

Where the mind leads, the body follows. Imagine your success and write it down. A sentence or two will do.

What will you look like in 3 months, 6 months, a years time? How will you feel? What dress size will you be? How will other people react to you?

Begin at the end as it were, that’s what most writers do when they write a book.

And when you write it down, start each sentence with “I am”, not “I will be”.

To be successful you need to think and act like you already are a successful person. The starting point for every personalized weight loss plan.

What are Your Goals…?

Ok, so you’ve got a vision of the successful you, how do you make it happen?

Set yourself a long term goal and a few bite-size goals, milestones that you can chalk off on the way. Write them down.

Make your goals specific, measurable, achievable and realistic and set them within a timetable…when will you achieve them?

Focus on what is keeping you fat. What you have to change to make you slim. What you have to give up to do it.

If your long term goal is to be a size 10 and you’re a 20, as was the case with one of our clients, that’s going to take some time. She developed her own personalized weight loss plan and set herself a goal of losing a pound a week. She averaged 1 1/2 lbs a week…she got there in the end.

Measure Your Success…

Write down your goals as a list with dates and tick them off as you achieve them. Put the list where you can see it every day…the bathroom mirror, the TV, the fridge door.

Seeing lots of ticks is incredibly motivating and lots of small successes along the way help you to feel successful!


It’s a cliche, but fail to plan and plan to fail.

You’ve got your goals, you now need a plan to achieve them. A plan to deliver your new, healthier you.

A personalized weight loss plan that encompasses your eating, shopping, home, work and social life.

There are several pages on this site that will help you to get started on a plan that will work for you.

And once you’ve got a plan you’re happy with, you’ll become much more disciplined, more focussed…on what you want to achieve and how you’ll do it.

A strategy for success that will count for lot more than will-power alone.

Reward Yourself…

Every time you achieve a goal reward yourself…weekly, monthly, whatever works for you. We had a client that bought herself a new pair of shoes every time she lost 10 lbs. Make sure they’re non-food rewards, though!

How Will You Cope When Things Go Wrong…?

Nothing ever goes completely according to plan. It doesn’t matter how committed, how focussed you are, there will be challenges and hurdles to overcome along the way.

How you deal with them will determine your success.

You probably already know what most of them are, most of our clients usually tell us within the first couple of minutes of our first conversation…

…”So, why haven’t the diets you’ve been on worked for you in the past?”…

…”Well, I eat out a lot”…or…

…”I don’t have time to prepare proper meals, I just grab what I can”…or…

…”The guys in the office pop out for a bacon sandwich during coffee break and I can’t resist”…

You get the idea.

Identify the problems before they happen and devise a realistic strategy to avoid them.

You know when you’ll be tempted to stray. Capture this in your personalized weight loss plan…then reprogram yourself so temptation can’t knock you off course.

Take Control and Be Responsible…

Your success is down to you and nobody else. Its your personalized weight loss plan. If you need support from friends or family then ask for it but don’t rely on them to pull you through. Its down to you.

Its easy when the going gets tough to make excuses like, “well, my sister thought I’d lost enough weight so I had a pizza.”

We’ve had many a client that has told no one, not even their partner that they were on a weight loss program. Primarily to avoid the perrennial “but you don’t need to lose any weight”.

You Are Not On a Diet…

People who are on diets talk about food all the time…

What they can and what they can’t have, how much they ate yesterday, what they are having for dinner…

The last thing you want to talk about is food!

Inevitably, the conversation and your thoughts will get around to what you can’t eat, how much you miss it, you’ll feel deprived, cheated, resentful, depressed.

You’re more likely to cheat, to feel bad about cheating. Guilty. Being hard on yourself. Lapsing into comfort eating to cope with the sense of loss that ‘being on a diet’ inevitably brings.

Don’t tell your friends you’re on a diet. You’re not dieting. Don’t think of it that way.

Your personalized weight loss plan is about eating for success.

Your personalized weight loss plan is about reshaping your body and your life so you feel good about yourself again.

Its a positive thing.You’re not dieting, you’re regaining control of your life. Now that’s something to celebrate!

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