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sun slim diet review

SunSlim Diet Reviews

The SunSlim Diet reviews well as a fairly simple, healthy plan to follow…designed by a physician it’s bound to work, isn’t it?

The SunSlim Diet is written by Dr Joy Siegrist, and as you might expect is grounded in an evidence base built on her years of experience of working with overweight people.

The diet comes in e-book form and is an interesting and easy read.

Siegrist claims that the diet is “scientifically designed” and goes on to make statements like, you’ll “stimulate your natural fat-burners” and burn “176% more calories” as a result than you would by simply eating less.

Interesting! Doctor designed diets are generally worth a look, so what’s the SunSlim Diet all about, then?

SunSlim Diet Reviews – How Does it Work…?

sun slim diet review

As a physician, Siegrist spends a lot of time discussing the facts surrounding obesity…the statistics, health risks, the benefits of losing weight.

All of which is good stuff. If you weren’t already aware of why you need to lose weight, you should be suitably encouraged to do so by page 30!

The opening section is also pretty dismissive of fads and slimming pills and dishes out some sound advice regarding the role of exercise in weight loss.

The SunSlim Diet is based on the theory that certain foods cause your body to burn more energy than others – “natural fat burners”.

Eating them in the right combination Siegrist contends, will cause your body to burn more fat than it would otherwise do.

Now there’s little published research to support this claim but Siegrist makes a reasonably well argued case.

I’d take the natural fat burner claim with a pinch of salt, although dietary protein can boost your metabolism and protein foods seem to play a big part in Siegrist’s theory.

Siegrist also argues that eating more rather than less food – the right kind of food – will lead to greater weight loss than following a low calorie diet.

I’d agree with that as you’ll avoid your body dropping your metabolism to compensate for the fact that you’re eating fewer calories – the starvation response.

However, you’ll still need to eat fewer calories than your body is burning to lose weight.

The SunSlim Diet itself is based on a 22 point plan, which I’m not going to go into here but generally follows solid, evidence based approaches to effective weight loss.

The importance of eating breakfast, of regular exercise – although it is optional in the SunSlim Diet – and balanced meals all feature.

The SunSlim Diet reviews well for common sense, which is good as common sense isn’t all that common…certainly amongst many desperate dieters!

There are two phases to the SunSlim Diet.

Phase one is designed to get your metabolism into fat burning mode. The most restrictive part of the diet, it will last 4-6 weeks depending on how overweight you are and how much weight you want to lose.

Cut through the science and this stage is basically a high protein, low carb diet.

It’s about eating foods that will boost your metabolism – protein for instance. As well as cutting down on those foods that cause blood sugar imbalances and trigger overeating – sugar and refined starches for example.

For any diet to lead to long term weight loss, it’s important to break the link with the foods that helped make you fat in the first place. As well as to adopt new eating habits based on healthy, nutritious foods and regular meals.

Phase one is designed to do that.

Phase two is effectively your eating plan for life. You’ll continue to control your calorie intake whilst following it, then when your target weight is reached you stick with it but eat a bit more to maintain your new weight.

Phase two consists of higher calorie meals than phase one. The idea in phase two is that you mix up the lower and higher calorie meals.

The proportion of each is determined by whether you’re still wanting to lose weight or are looking to maintain your new weight.

As such, you can personalise your plan.

SunSlim Diet Reviews – Does it Work…?

There’s nothing particularly revolutionary in the SunSlim Diet, despite the “fat burner” theory.

The approach is largely consistent with healthy eating and safe weight loss advice and is desigend to instill new healthier eating habits in addition to weight loss.

A problem with diets is that you go on one, lose some weight, come off it and put the weight back on again.

The SunSlim Diet reviews well as an eating plan for life.

The meals are varied and adaptable if a little bland, and the simple approach of mixing up lower and higher calorie meals is a good one and easy to implement.

The diet is based on readily available foods and looks pretty cost effective for dieters on a budget.

Phase one is quite low in calories and may prove difficult for some people to stick with. The low carb intake may also prove a challenge.

However, if sugary and carb loaded foods like pizza and white bread are a problem for you, phase one should help to wean you off them!

Willpower is required, but isn’t that a prerequisite of any diet?

Putting aside the “176%” claim, I’d expect you to average 1-2lbs of weight loss a week following the SunSlim Diet, maybe a little more in the first week or two of phase one.

SunSlim Diet Reviews – The Bottom line…

Generally speaking, this looks like a good plan that most people could benefit from.

The SunSlim Diet reviews well for its simple, easy to follow approach together with its flexibility in phase two. You don’t have to count calories either.

Many of the 22 principles we’d whloeheartedly agree with…eating five small meals a day, limiting simple carbs, exercise, eating plenty of fruit, veg and wholegrains…

I’m not sure about some of the science behind the diet, though, and we have a few concerns about the low calorie nature of phase one.

The recipes are a bit bland but the meal plans are designed to be relatively hassle free.

Overall though, at $24.95 the SunSlim Diet is good value and is certainly worth a look.

Our SunSlim Diet reviews verdict? It may be just what you’re looking for!

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