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The Traffic Light Diet Review

This Traffic Light Diet review will give you the lowdown on one of the simplest, healthiest weight loss plans on the market.

It’s so simple that pretty much anyone can follow it, and it’s the perfect choice for busy people.

If you’re looking for a weight loss plan that takes the minimum of effort to follow, is effective and could literally change your lifestyle, eating habits and body shape if you stick to it – then this might well be it.

Traffic Light Diet Review – What is it…?

traffc light diet

Judith Wills has written two other excellent books, The Food Bible and The Diet Bible, which are well worth a read, but we chose this one because it’s so easy to understand and follow.The Traffic Light Diet is a short, concise book by Judith Wills that we really like.

For people living in the UK, it ties in really well with the Government’s proposals for food labelling.

The Health Select Committee recommended that a traffic light system be used to label foods to make it easier for people to make healthy choices when scanning the supermarket shelves.

The proposal has run into some opposition from the food lobby, which wants an alternative, more complicated system…we wonder why?

The traffic light system has been used in many schools for years. With our background in health promotion, it’s something that has worked really well in getting children and young people to think about and change their school meal choices for the better.

If kids can understand it, adult dieters shouldn’t have too much trouble!

In essence, the diet gets away from counting calories and puts foods into three groups – green, amber and red.

Traffic Light Diet Review – How Does it Work…?


Green foods are healthy, low calorie and nutritious.

Amber foods are also healthier choices and nutritious, but higher in calories.

Red foods as you would expect are high calorie, less nutritious foods.

The principle of the diet is that by choosing more green foods, moderating your intake of amber foods and cutting back on the red foods you’ll lose weight. There are no banned foods on this diet.

Have a guess what the green foods are? Yep, fruit, vegetables, white fish, low fat dairy products like skimmed milk and non-fat yogurts.

The amber foods? Pasta, rice, wholegrain bread, high fiber cereals, potatoes, chicken, lean red meat, oily fish.

The red foods? Fatty red meats, most processed foods, full fat dairy products, chocolate, sugary sweets and so on.

The book includes an easy to read color chart to make food choices really simple. There’s healthy eating advice and information on recipes, portion sizes, shopping, weight loss tips and so on.

We really like the variety of menu planners aimed at different groups of people – families, couples, single people and the way that the principles can be personalized to fit your lifestyle.

There are no outlandish weight loss claims either, expect to lose a pound or so a week.

Traffic Light Diet Review – The Bottom Line…

We really like this little book and Judith Wills comes with a great track record.

In an over-complicated world…which is especially true of pretty much anything to do with weight loss and dieting nowadays…this book really stands out.

The thinking behind it is sound and it employs a simple, practical, proven system that anyone can follow.

In fact it’s more than a diet book, it’s a lifestyle resource for long term weight management. It’s really in tune with healthy eating guidance and people’s busy lifestyles.

If you haven’t got time to diet, then this is the plan for you.

The downside? Well maybe its simple, straightforward approach may put off some hardened dieters used to complicated interpretations of the latest scientific theories…

There’s also little on the emotional, psychological aspects of weight gain and dieting, and not much on exercise, either.

But, hey, we’re quibbling…this is a little gem of practical advice that demystifies the whole business of weight loss.

Our Traffic Light Diet review verdict? A gem…go buy it and give it a try!

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