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Weight Loss Solutions

Successful, long term weight loss solutions rely on you making a choice to be slim and healthy, a choice not to be fat. Here’s a ‘rulebook’ to help you keep the weight off.

Recognise this – it’s not and never will be easy to maintain your new weight, to stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan.

It’s something you’ll have to work at. It’s your choice whether you do or don’t.

But what’s the alternative? It’s tough being fat, far tougher than trying to stay in shape.

Do you really want to go back to a time when you were out of control around food? When you could never eat just one and were constantly guilty about everything you ate?

Always making excuses for why you were fat?

Liking the way you look in the mirror now, the way you feel. The new-found confidence you have and the compliments you get is far better isn’t it?

Best Weight Loss Solutions

weight loss solutions

One of our clints, Beccy, lost over 30lbs and rediscovered the fabulous figure she’d had when she was 21.

She loved the admiring glances she got from guys, the invitations out for a meal or a drink.

She was a lovely person when she was 30lbs heavier, but she felt much lovelier when she’d lost 30lbs!

You will have your ups and downs as the years go by, when your weight fluctuates and you find it hard to eat right and exercise.

But hey, that’s life. It really doesn’t matter in the long run.

The odd day or two when your food choices are less than ideal, when you miss a walk, a jog, a trip to the gym. They’re not important.

It’s what you do most of the time that matters.

Don’t go back to the old, self-destructive, guilt-ridden binging days. Simply take a deep breath, make a decison to get back on track and just do it.

You always have a choice!

Make These Weight Loss Solutions Work for You…

OK, you’ve read most of this stuff in more detail elsewhere on this site.

You know this stuff because you’ve lost your weight.

But here’s a summary, a weight loss solutions rule book to follow day to day to ensure the weight stays off for good!

  • Eat some protein, fruit and veg at every meal
  • Eat something every three hours
  • Don’t eat fattening foods day to day, you know what they are, we don’t have to spell them out for you!
  • Plan what you’re going to eat the day before
  • Never run out of healthy food in the house
  • Carry food with you when you’re out and about so you don’t snack on sugary, fatty rubbish
  • When eating out, decide on what you’re going to eat before you even look at the menu and stick to it
  • Avoid your trigger foods at all times – you know you can’t just have one!
  • If you do slip up and binge, learn from it and get back on track straight away
  • Don’t punish yourself when you do slip up and never feel guilty, just get back on track
  • When tempted by fatty, sugary foods, take a deep breath, count to 10 and tell yourself that you don’t need it, it will make you fat
  • Congratulate yourself when you resist temptation
  • Never reward yourself with food
  • Exercise every other day as a minimum, even if it’s just a quick walk round the block
  • Always, always eat breakfast
  • Stick to breakfast, lunch, dinner and two healthy snacks in between
  • Never pick at and finish off the kid’s meals
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Remind yourself what it was like to be fat and how you felt and use it to reinforce your new healthy eating and exercise habits
  • Try to maintain a positive attitude and tell yourself how fantastic you are at least 20 times a day!
  • These are some weight loss solutions that together make up a rule book that’s simple and works.

    Write it down and carry it with you. You can and will maintain your new weight and shape if you choose to.

    Losing weight is a choice. Maintaining your new weight is a choice.

    Sticking to this simple weight loss solutions rule book is a choice.

    Is it worth it? Without a doubt!

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