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15 Best Tips For Easy Weight Loss

15 Best Ways To Weight Loss Without Any Professional Help

Belly fat is the most annoying thing when it comes to weight gain. As easily it comes it’s pretty difficult to get rid of. Here is a fantastic list of 15 best ways for weight loss including tips that will get you rid of belly fat that’s been bothering you from a few months or years.15 Best Tips For Easy Weight Loss

According to a research, 90% of the adults in the US are not happy with their abdominal muscle structure and would gladly like to have a flatter stomach. Not only does the belly fat look bad it also has a lot health problems associated to it including: heart stroke, diabetes, heart burn, bloating etc (and you think eating the top of a muffin was bad).

The good news is that losing tummy fat and getting a flatter stomach or even those amazing six pack abs are not as difficult as many people think.

Start implementing these effective ways and you will easily lose weight fat one by one and get a perfectly flat stomach in some time like you always wanted.

Candy Crush Addiction Can So Help You!

It seems that playing video games reduce the frequency and vividness of cravings as compared with waiting for it to get over.  According to a new research in Journal Appetite the student’s participants played Tetris, why? Because keeping your mind diverted or playing games keeps your focus off that yummy ice-cream sitting in the freezer.

Fill Your Plate with Colors

Did you know the more colorful plate you have the more health your meal is. Think about it: Green peppers, tomatoes, radish, cucumbers, yellow pepper, carrots, and olives all are amazing colors and they all are a healthy choice to eat. Keep your plate colorful and you are on the right track to lose belly fat.

Sleep Right

There is no better way to get rid of your food cravings by simply getting more sleep. Sleeping for less than five hours a night could really increase the Proper sleep is necessary to weight lossscale up to 30% if you don’t get enough sleep for seven to eight hours. You should learn to sleep properly via meditation. Proper sleep can help you work, eat food in time and be healthy. So, give importance to a regular sleep, don’t sleep 4-5 hours for some days and 12-14 hours in others, that won’t help. You should maintain 6-8 hours routine for sleeping. You can see more detailed post of mine about 10 Sleeping fun facts here.

Order Your Drinks Unsweetened

When you go for coffee or any beverage go for plain drinks instead of flavored ones. Like a plain latte is better than a flavored one.  Opting for a plain latte will
save you 40 calories per 16-ounce. So, avoid any extra flavor in your drink for your betterment.

Forget About Fast Food If You Want To Lose Weight

If you are eating fast food you are definitely harming yourself as it’s the worst Say No to Fast Food to avoid weight gainculprit for weight gain. Yes, I know it’s convenient, but it’s full with fats and calories that head towards our “problem area” which is mostly our butts and bellies. Skip having fast-food or at least go for fast food options like salads instead of French fries. Avoiding these foods is pretty difficult but if you are adamant on losing weight then you have to get rid of them.

Crunches and Push Ups Is Not All What You Need

If you think you’ll need to spend the rest of your life only doing sit-ups and crunches to burn belly fat and keep it off, that’s not quite true. You’ll need to do all sorts of exercises, in moderation, including weight bearing exercises, like brisk walking, jogging, and the like. Remember, overall fitness and nutrition is the key for losing stomach fat, and making sure it doesn’t come back!


Don’t Try To Isolate

If you think that you can isolate your muscles you will lose weight in just one spot, then you’re totally mistaken. It’s simple you gain weight overall you drop it also overall, and if there is any weight loss potion or pill that promises you this then it’s a total scam. To lose belly fat you need to change your exercise and diet habits. You can read these tips in detail for losing belly fat. If you had a C-section recently then you should follow this post on abdominal exercises after C-Section to loose belly fat.

Don’t Save the Salad for Last

Salad comes with the meal but nutritionists and dietitians suggest that one should eat the salad at
the beginning of your meal as your brain will get eat salad for weight losssignals from your stomach that you aren’t as hungry as you thought and you will automatically start to eat less. It will help you to feel full and don’t take you much more fat elements. This is the reason I always prefer salad. Now it has become integral part of my everyday meal. I can’t live a day without having any salad. And that is helping me to be burn down some fats and be fit.

Drink a Glass of Water Before You Eat

It works like a magic! If you are thirsty then you will definitely eat more, that’s quite strange but it’s true. So before you get prepared to sit and eat, drink a glass of water wait for like five minutes and then start eating your meal. You will be surprised to find out how effective this method is for losing weight.

Change the Three Meal Rule

Rather than gulping down three large meals everyday it’s better to have five small meals a day. Set your routines to five small meals and start with a light breakfast, a light lunch and a small mid-afternoon snack and end the day with a balanced dinner. The idea of eating portions will make you feel less hungry and you won’t be snacking a lot. This way to lose belly fat doesn’t require a lot of sacrifice but it will require a proper schedule.

Forget About Diet Soda

Recently there had been a research at the University of Texas at Austin where it was found that people who drink a lot of diet soda have larger waists. Sound strange but it’s true. After monitoring around 474 people the research found out that people, drinking diet soda for a longer period like ten or more years, have a waist size increased in 70% as compared to those who didn’t consume diet soda. So if you are one of those people who drink a lot of diet sodas then get rid of this habit.

Good Posture Is the Key to Weight Loss

Want to look like you have lost weight in a day, well it sounds impossible but it is possible. All you have to do is suck your tummy in, pull your shoulder back, keep your head straight and with this good posture you will look pretty slim and smart.

Substitute Candies and Desserts with Fruits

Every person has a terrible sweet tooth so it’s pretty difficult to avoid sweet things from your diet. But to get rid from belly fat, you must get rid of all the sweet cravings. But that doesn’t means you deprive yourself, substitute candies, desserts and chocolates ( except for dark chocolate) with berries, fruits, dried fruits or sweet plums. All these fruits will make your sweet tooth happy and will not add any extra calories.

Make Water Your Go-To Drink

We all have been told several times that we should drink enough water, but this is proven in a research that people who drink a lot of water have actually lost weight. In a research at Virginia Tech, people who had weight issues followed a low-calorie diet with a two-eight ounce glass of water before every meal lost around 15.5 pounds over a month. So in short drink a lot of water.

Bottom Line

If you are serious enough and can follow these 15 valuable tips then you don’t need a professional. You can do it yourself. All you need is motivate yourself to start your weight loss program. I have a post on motivating tips for weight loss here, these motivating tips will definitely help you. So, start now, count your calorie, set a goal and achieve it with a bang to make everyone surprised that you can slim down. Best of luck to your fat burning and be fit journey.

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