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abs diet review

Abs Diet Review – Six Week to Six Pack Abs

This Abs Diet review takes a look at a weight loss program aimed primarily at guys looking for a six pack and an improved sex life…so does it work?

There’s little scientific evaluation to say one way or the other, but it sounds worth checking out!

The diet has been developed by David Zinczenko, the editor of Men’s Health magazine and whilst it has a lot in it of value to women, will certainly appeal to men.

It’s very much an exercise and fitness focused plan with an emphasis on a range of healthy foods, is practical and easy to understand.

As well as the original book, there are now further books containing more recipes and more exercise programs as well as The Abs Diet for Women.

Abs Diet Review

abs diet review

So …

Abs Diet Review – What’s it All About…?

The theory is that a pound of muscle burns 50 calories a day if you remain active (14 calories a day at rest). Therefore if you build an extra 10lbs of muscle you’ll burn an extra 500 calories a day.The Abs Diet aims to enable you to build muscle so as to burn fat.

One pound of fat contains 3,500 calories, therefore you’ll be able to lose a pound a week.

The diet is very much focused on muscle-building exercise, aerobic exercise to burn fat and foods that will promote muscle development.

The food bit of the diet centres on eating three main meals and three snacks a day, which we like.

Eating every three hours or so keeps your metabolism fired up and burning calories so you’re less likely to store excess calories as fat.

Your body deals better with small amounts of food eaten frequently rather than a small number of big meals.

It also incorporates 12 ‘power foods’, which you eat exclusively for the first six weeks.

These include:

  • turkey and lean meats
  • eggs
  • nuts
  • beans and pulses
  • spinach and other green veg
  • olive oil
  • wholegrain breads and cereals
  • peanut butter
  • oat cereals
  • berries
  • low fat dairy products
  • protein powder
  • All in all a pretty good diet. It’s high in protein to build muscle with lots of fruit and veg and wholegrain for the carbs you’ll need to finance the exercise you’ll be doing.

    The science behind some of the assertions made by Zinczenko as to why you should eat these foods in particular is sometimes a little unclear.

    For instance, we’re not sure about the evidence supporting Zinczenko’s assertion that peanut butter raises your testosterone levels and leads to better sex?

    But on the whole it’s a well balanced plan and we’re not about to argue with eating lean protein, fruit and veg!

    The fitness program is also pretty easy to follow and centres on short, sharp routines incorporating effective exercises that will certainly promote muscle growth and fat loss.

    Abs Diet Review – Is There a Downside…?

    Not really.

    I guess we could take issue in this Abs Diet review with the emphasis on pre-packaged foods, particularly as the diet advises you to reduce your sodium intake.

    However, given the target market – primarily younger men – and today’s predominant fast food culture it’s a pragmatic approach.

    Including protein powder as one of the 12 power foods may also raise a few eyebrows. There are plenty of low fat, high protein foods like cottage cheese and yogurt that would provide additional protein.

    However, I top up my daily protein intake using protein powder in shakes and smoothies as it’s cheap and convenient, so we’ve no problem in this abs diet review with its inclusion.

    We like the emphasis placed upon losing abdominal fat given the increased risk of heart disease that a fat belly confers. However, it’s not possible to spot reduce – to lose fat from one particular area of the body in preference to others.

    You’ll lose fat equally from your whole body no matter what diet and exercise regime you follow.

    You may get great abs following this diet, but it won’t help you to lose fat specifically from your abs any quicker than any other weight loss program.

    Abs Diet Review – What Can You Expect…?

    Follow the program and Zinczenko claims you’ll lose up to 12lbs in the first two weeks and then 5-8lbs in the next two weeks.

    This sounds quite a lot, but adding in the regular exercise that the Abs Diet calls for could well increase the amount of weight you would lose early in the program.

    We’re not sure about the “flat abs in six weeks” claim. That would depend on how much weight you’ve got to lose in the first place!

    The book contains a 7 day diet and exercise plan, information about the power foods and good nutrition in general, information about a range of health issues and some success stories to inspire you.

    There’s also a web site if you want more info, with some useful related links.

    Abs Diet Review – The Bottom Line…

    Overall this is a good plan with its emphasis on healthy foods and exercise.

    Any diet that seeks to appeal to men, who traditionally struggle with most female oriented diets is fine by us.

    It’s easy to follow, will certainly lead to significant weight loss as long as you stick to it and in the longer term will tone up your mid section. May take a bit longer than six weeks to get that six-pack, though!

    You’ll also be eating plenty of food and certainly shouldn’t feel hungry.

    We also like its humorous, direct, pragmatic approach. The comments made about a big gut making your genitalia look smaller raised a chuckle and will certainly strike a chord with most men, we should imagine!

    Whilst it may be a little light on the science in areas, there’s little negative to be said in general.

    It’s a good choice for people with busy lives looking for a convenient diet that doesn’t make too many demands on their time.

    Overall, this is a sound and potentially effective weight loss and exercise program.

    Our Abs Diet Review? A thumbs up – highly recommended!

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