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Anne Collins Weight Loss Program Review

This Anne Collins Weight Loss Program review should give you a pretty good idea as to whether this plan is for you.

This is a popular, inexpensive, fad free weight loss program that focusses on healthy eating and behaviour change.

It’s an online program that costs $19.97 for one year’s subscription – there are no other charges – and gives you access to personalised diet plans, e-books to download, advice and information, with a great deal of support and access to a very busy forum.

Quite frankly, it beats the pants off all the over-hyped, faddy diets and e-books that you see advertised all over the internet.

So what makes it one of our top rated weight loss plans…?

Anne Collins Weight Loss Program Review – What is it…?

anne collins diet

Anne Collins is a nutritionist and weight loss expert who’s been helping people lose weight for years.

The Anne Collins Weight Loss Program is an online plan that requires a subscription fee to join.

There are nine different diet plans, including a GI Diet, a Low Carb Diet and a Cholesterol-lowering Diet.

There’s a real emphasis on healthy eating and good nutrition combined with the importance of changing your attitude to food and eating.

We like the emphasis on eating as a family and instilling good eating habits in your partner and kids (presuming you’ve got them, that is!).

Getting away from the feeling of being on a diet and eating different foods to everyone else around you is really important to your long term success.

We also like the way that you learn about the kind of foods that you should eat to lose weight and keep it off, rather than simply counting calories.

The program offers a great deal of choice and flexibilty…you can choose the right plan for you, and even switch between plans if you get bored and need a change.

Anne Collins Weight Loss Program Review – How Does it Work…?

As with many other online diets, it’s really very easy to get started.

You simply subscribe, fill in an online questionnaire, choose your plan, which is personalized for you, your likes, dislikes and lifestyle…and off you go!

You get a free membership to an active, moderated weight loss forum with thousands of members. You also have access to a wide range of information resources, e-books, tools and motivational materials to keep you on track.

There are no supplements, slimming pills or ‘diet’ foods to buy.

The subscription is $19.97 for 12 months, which in our view provides exceptional value for money.

The testimonials from past and present members are inspiring to say the least and there’s a real ‘family’ atmosphere to the program. A personal touch that can be lacking with the bigger, more corporate online weight loss programs.

Anne Collins Weight Loss Program Review – The Bottom Line…

For the price, plans, package, choice and support, our Anne Collins Weight Loss Program review would conclude that it’s hard to beat.

Our only slight concern is that there could be more emphasis on exercise and physical activity. The food side of the equation is superb, but we’d like to see more on the importance of building regular physical activity into your life to balance the equation.

However, the Anne Collins Weight Loss Program offers superb value and personal support, which combined with some great diet plans and a solid track record makes it one of our top choices.

Our Anne Collins Weight Loss Program review verdict? We highly recommend it!

For more information, visit the Anne Collins Weight Loss Program site.

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