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Bowflex Classic home gym

Bowflex Classic Review

Our Bowflex Classic review investigates a complete home gym that promises a rewarding workout experience on a budget. Does it deliver as well as the upper end Bowflex home gyms?

If you’re looking at the Bowlflex Classic then the chances are that the prices of the more expensive models, like the Bowflex Revolution or Bowflex Ultimate 2 may have put you off?

If that’s case then don’t worry!┬áThe Classic uses the same PowerRod technology as the Ultimate 2 – just with fewer of the frills.

Sure, there are compromises to be made with a home gym costing so much less. But not in terms of quality and workout experience. This is a very good value for money option if this is as far as your budget will stretch.

Let’s look over the spec…

Bowflex Classic Review – Specifications

Bowflex Classic home gym

  • Model: Classic
  • Length: 6’10” (208cm)
  • Width: 3’5″ (104cm)
  • Height: 6’10″(208cm)
  • Folded footprint: 8’2″ x 2’2″ x 6’10” (249 x 66 x 208cm)
  • Workout area: 8’4″ x 6’6″ (254 x 199 cm)
  • Workouts: 30+
  • Resistance: 210lbs/95kg (can upgrade to 310/140kg or 410lbs/186kg)
  • Weights included: N/a – uses PowerRods (included)
  • Warranty: 5 years, unlimited on PowerRods
  • Price: Around $649

Bowflex Classic Review – Any Good…?

The Bowflex Classic isn’t a bad bet for the money, although it is a compromise on the high end models.

For example, whilst you can bench, shoulder press and curl, the 30+ exercise options doesn’t include a squat station – although there is a leg press and a cardio rower.

Having said that, you’d have no trouble constructing a whole body strength training program from this versatile and flexible home gym.

The compact design and small footprint mean that the Classic should fit in all but the smallest of rooms. You can even fold it away if storage in between workouts is a problem.

As with all of the Bowflex PowerRod home gym range, resistance is provided by…you guessed it, Bowflex’s PowerRod system.

The PowerRods on the Bowflex Classic are exactly the same as on the more expensive models and you get the same 210lbs worth of rods, which can be upgraded to 310lbs or 410lbs for around $99 per 100lbs of rods.

Simply attach the cable to the rods and the rod bends providing progressive resistance through the range of motion.

I was initially a little sceptical about the use of flexible rods rather than weights to provide resistance – but no longer. We found this to be a smooth and joint friendly system that delivers a killer workout.

Bowflex Classic Review – The Bottom Line…

We went into our Bowflex Classic review a little sceptical about this entry-level home gym. Surely some major corners had to be cut to produce a quality piece of exercise equipment at this price?

Not to worry, though as Bowflex has delivered another high quality, well made machine, which whilst not providing quite the incredible versatility of the high end home gyms, should keep even the most ardent home fitness enthusiasts busy.

If you’re on a weight loss program or looking to improve your fitness and have a budget to stick to, then you could do a lot worse than the Bowflex Classic home gym.

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