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Powertec Review – Excellent Home Gyms

Powertec Review – Excellent Home Gyms!

Our Powertec review takes a look at a company that pioneered the leverage system for resistance training and has used the concept in its home gym range – are they any good?

Powertec has been making weight training equipment for over a quarter of a century, but only ventured into the home gym market in the late 90s.

They pretty much invented the leverage system in the 80s – which is now copied by a number of companies – and successfully employed the system in their commercial equipment.

Powertec Review – Excellent Home Gyms

Their home gyms offer the same build quality and durability in a more compact format and are well worth a look.

The leverage system simulates the feel of free weights with the safety and control of a machine.

The leverage system offers advantages for trainers who like to train heavy as they won’t need a spotter. Simply pile on the plates and train until you drop.

There are no cables or pulley to maintain and the simple design ensures that there’s little that can go wrong on a Powertec home gym and need repairing.

It’s not just for serious bodybuilders, though – our Powertec review would suggest that anyone looking to build some muscle as part of a weight loss or fitness program would benefit from a Powertec home gym.

Powertec offers single and multi station home gyms and we’ve reviewed a few. They’re solid, heavy machines but take up surprisingly little space – even the multi-station models.

They’re also competitively priced, although weight plates aren’t included and will add a few hundred bucks to the price.

In our opinion, Powertec home gyms are the business and an excellent choice for anyone looking to lift substantially more weight than the average home gym offers.

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