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Bowflex Revolution XP review

Bowflex Revolution XP Review

Our Bowflex Revolution XP review takes a look at a compact home gym designed to take up very little space whilst providing a total body workout – sounds promising, but is it any good?

The Revolution XP uses the same technology as the excellent Bowflex Revolution and provides a similarly wide range of exercise options but has a much smaller footprint – perfect for homes with limited space for a home gym.

The Revolution XP looks well suited for people looking to build some muscle, rehabilitate following an accident or as part of a weight loss program.

It’s an impressive piece of kit, so let’s take a look at the spec…?

Bowflex Revolution XP Review – Specification

Bowflex Revolution XP

  • Model: Revolution XP (shown with optional lat tower)
  • Length: 5′ 4″ (165cm)
  • Width: 3″ 2″ (97cm)
  • Height: 6′ 1″(185cm), 6’10 with lat tower (211cm)
  • Folded footprint: N/a
  • Workout area: 7′ x 5′ 4″ (213cm x 163cm)
  • Workouts: 90+
  • Resistance: 200lbs (90.72kg), can upgrade to 280lbs (127kg)
  • Weights included: Yes – SpiraFlex plates
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Price: Around $2,499 (with optional lat tower, lat and ab back pads $2,877)

Bowflex Revolution XP Review – Any Good…?

If you like the Bowflex Revolution but don’t quite have the space, then the more compact Bowflex Revolution XP is an attractive option.

You lose about a foot or so in length and several square feet in the workout area required. This is largely achieved by the seated workout position – you sit upright for exercises like the bench press rather than lying on your back as you do with the Revolution.

You lose the leg press and rower as a result, but you can squat as an alternative.

The build quality is on a par with the rest of the high end Bowflex home gym line up and there’s a 10 year warranty just in case anything does go wrong.

What are other advantages?

You don’t get quite as many exercise options as the Revolution, but 90+ should be enough for even the most ardent fitness enthusiast!

Whilst you can do a range of compound exercises, the ability to target specific areas of your body makes the Revolution XP a good candidate for people looking for a home gym as part of a rehab program.

Whilst the Bowflex Revolution XP isn’t aimed at body builders, more those looking at strength training as part of a fitness or weight loss program, you still get a killer workout that feels very much like using free weights.

Resistance comes from SpiraFlex plates based on technology developed for the space program, designed to combat muscle atrophy caused by living in a weightless environment.

The plates are lightweight compared to steel weight plates and use coiled bands to provide resistance.

What you get is a smooth, consistent level of resistance through the entire movement that mimics working out with free weights.

The addition of an optional lat tower is a good move, but it does bump the price up a few hundred bucks.

Bowflex Revolution XP Review – The Bottom Line…

Our Bowflex Revolution XP review rates this versatile, well built and compact machine highly – anyone looking for a quality home gym on which to carry out a serious fitness or weight loss program would do well to put the Revolution XP on their shopping list.

It’s not cheap, but it’s near commercial quality design should ensure that it lasts to provide years of productive workouts.

Don’t be put off by the slick TV infomercials – this is a serious home gym that delivers. Highly recommended.

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