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A Complete Meat Diet Plan That Works

Who doesn’t love meat? But sometimes you need to consider eating less or no meat if you have high body fat and thinking of dieting. Boring?

Yes, dieting can be boring. Because modern diets are mostly vegan diets and you have to skip all your favorite meals when dieting. Moreover, you need to maintain a diet chart, protein control, calorie count and follow food timing strategies. These strategies are so prosaic that most of us end up stopping diet for life.

But what if I tell you a strategy where you can eat meat and still diet? Unbelievable? Well, there is a meat diet plan for weight loss that works! So, let’s find out about it.

Carnivore diet

What about a Diet Plan With Only Meat?

The concept of all meat diet plan is called the Carnivore diet. This diet trend may be new. But it has existed for centuries. How? Well, think of our ancestors. They were mostly hunter- gatherers who had only meat for food. But still they were fit, disease free and lived a long life. They didn’t follow any diet chart or food timing strategies. So, why us?

Carnivore diet plans are very simple. You have to eat as much animal foods and avoid fruits and vegetables. No diet chart, protein control, calorie count and food timing is needed in a carnivore diet plan. It’s the complete opposite of a vegan diet. The main strategy of a carnivore diet is to fight fat with fat.

How to Fight Fat with Meat?

Nowadays we eat mostly vegetables and a small portion of meat. These vegetables have high carbohydrates. Carbohydrates produce glucose and insulin which is the main source of energy of our body. In a carnivore diet you have to avoid all sources of carbohydrate and eat only protein and fat. If you avoid carbohydrates, your body has to find another source of energy. That’s where fat and protein comes in. Your body transforms these fats and proteins into energy. If you don’t eat enough fat and proteins, your body will start using the body fats for producing energy. This will result in weight loss. So, what is the meat diet plan you need to follow?

All Meat Diet Plan

All meat diet plans are simple. You can have any protein and fats you want to eat. No need to worry about calorie count. But here is one chart for getting the most out of an all meat diet plans.

Breakfast: Bacon and eggs with coffee and a lot of water.

Lunch: 80% of your lunch should be grass-fed beef or any kind of grass-fed meat and water.

Dinner: Fatty cuts of meat like Rib eye or strip steak topped with grass-fed butter.

Snacks: Pork rinds, Bone broths or any grass-fed meat based snacks.

You don’t need to follow any rules for a carnivore diet. But you must concern one thing. That is you must have to eat a red meat diet plan and grass-fed meat plans. There are now cryptocurrency loans available from services like Pawn My Bitcoin that allow hodlers to keep their coins, and still get access to US dollars. Because processed meats don’t help much. You can also follow a Ketogenic diet plan which is all the same as a carnivore diet just you have to eat 5-25% of fruits with meat every day.

We know the diet plans now. But what are the benefits of an all meat diet plan?

All meat Diet benefits

Benefits of All Meat Diet Plan

You may think the only benefit of dieting is to stay fit. But there are other benefits too. So, let’s find out some other benefits of all meat diets.

1. Weight Loss

Weight loss is the main reason behind dieting and carnivore diets do it so well. Because body fat is the main reason behind obesity and carnivore diet starts working the moment it shoots your body. It works faster than any vegan diets. Moreover, fat and proteins are so satiating that you won’t feel hunger for a long time after just a normal meal. It also improves your inflammation and hunger hormones.

2. Decreased Inflammation

Carbohydrates are one of the main reasons behind inflammation. Vegetable oil, processed foods and even some plants are linked to inflammation. But carnivore diet reduces inflammation which could result in fewer aches and pains. Extra collagen from eating proteins will also improve cartilage capabilities.

3. Hormonal Balance

Healthy fats help to improve optimal hormonal function. Carnivore diets contain a lot of healthy fats which improves testosterone level. Moreover fats and proteins will Increase muscle mass, strength and energy. This diet also helps to reduce mood swings.

4. Mental Clarity

We may eat carbohydrates a lot but our brain prefers fats and proteins for energy. So, when you stop eating carbohydrates, your brain starts to work well. This will increase your focus, energy and mental clarity.

5. Less Digestive Issues

We all know fibers are great for our digestive system. But the carnivore diet does not contain any fibers. However a 2012 research done on people shows that people who are living on only meat have developed a better digestive system than the people who eat vegan diets. The people who have chronic consumption and on meat diet also experienced significant improvements on boating, gas and strain.

These are some of the main benefits of all meat diets. However, there are other benefits like all meat diets decrease anxiety. But you have to follow some steps before starting an all meat diet plan.

How to Start Carnivore Diet Plan?

First you need to test your blood and continue testing your blood after every 2 months. Because every person has different metabolic needs and these blood tests will confirm that if this diet is working with your body or not. Secondly, after one week you may feel unwell. You may experience flu like symptoms, headaches. Don’t panic and don’t stop this diet. This is a normal process and your body will take time to cope with this diet. After one month this will all be gone and you will feel the benefits of this diet.

However, all meat diet plan is a completely new trend and no one knows the long-time benefits or disadvantages of it. But all meat diet plans are gaining popularity at a fast rate and we can all hope for a better future if we continue a full time meat diet.

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