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Weight Loss Exercises

Cardio Workout: A Full Guide For Effective Weight Loss

Cardio Workout Guide For Weight Loss

In our busy lives, going to the gym every day may feel like a drag sometimes, right? But we cannot negotiate when it comes to our health. Here what we can do is switch to a home-based workout program that can save us the trouble of going to the gym but is equally beneficial. That’s where cardio workout comes in. ...

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Weight Training For Weight Loss

weight training for extreme weight loss

The idea of weight training for weight loss is to build muscle, which increases your resting metabolic rate so your body burns more calories at rest. There’s a lot of emphasis put on aerobic exercise as a means of burning calories as part of a weight loss program. You can find out more about aerobic exercise to burn fat elsewhere on ...

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A Guideline To 5 Major Exercises You Should Start Doing Regularly

Beautiful women working out in gym

It is very important for us to perform regular exercise. Exercise is very important, because it helps us to remain fit and healthy. Exercise helps us gain enough strength and makes our body parts get stronger than regular. To maintain the body fitness and to lead a healthy life, exercise plays a vital role. In this article we will look into 5 major ...

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8 Pack Abs – Can You get an 8 Pack?

8 pack Abs

8 pack abs are the elusive holy grail of people looking to achieve the ultimate washboard midsection through weight loss and exercise – but can you really get an 8 pack? As if a flat stomach and a six pack wasn’t enough, people seeking the perfect abs often want to go one step further and get an 8 pack. So ...

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Best Weekly Workout Plan for Beginners

Weekly workout plan for beginners

A best weekly workout plan for beginners can get people new to exercise burning calories, losing body fat and building muscle from day one – so how do you get started? Before answering that question, you need to be clear about your goals. What results are you expecting your workout routine to deliver? Most people will be looking for a ...

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10 Effective Weight Loss Exercises for Long Term Weight Loss

10 Effective exercises for weight loss

There are some great weight loss exercises that will help you to burn fat and build muscle – which ones should you build into your program? We would suggest the ones that are the most effective and burn the most calories, can be completed in shorter workouts so saving time and that you’re most likely to stick with. The mistake ...

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What’s The Best Abdominal Exercise

best abdominal exercises

“What’s the best abdominal exercise for a flat stomach?”, is probably the number one question that we’re asked by our clients – so what is it? Good question. First though, what do we mean by our abdominal muscles, our abs? Basically your abs are comprised of your abdominus rectus – the ‘six pack’ (should be eight pack really) that runs ...

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Abdominal Exercises After a C Section

How to get Flat Tummy after C-Section

“Can I do abdominal exercises or workouts after a C-section?”, asked my friend Rebecca, the day before her elective cesarean — the answer is, of course you can! Pregnant women always concerned about their weight gain during the pregnancy. Nothing to be worried, Just take it easy. You can follow these tips for weight loss after pregnancy. But if you have ...

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Best Lower Abdominal Exercise

Best Lower Abdominal Exercise

What is the best lower abdominal exercise? Good question as there are a few to choose from, but only one that really targets these toughest to reach abs. And they can be hard to isolate and work effectively. Go to any gym and you’ll see all sorts of weird and wonderful contraptions that people strap themselves into. You’ll see people ...

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Rowing for Effective And Faster Weight Loss

rowing for weight loss

Rowing for weight loss is simple and effective! It provides a great workout and burns a huge number of calories! Whether at home or in the gym using a rowing machine or giving it a go is a very good idea. On the water, rowing provides a tremendous workout that will improve your all-round fitness in no time at all. Rowing ...

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