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rowing for weight loss

Rowing for Effective And Faster Weight Loss

Rowing for weight loss is simple and effective! It provides a great workout and burns a huge number of calories!

Whether at home or in the gym using a rowing machine or giving it a go is a very good idea. On the water, rowing provides a tremendous workout that will improve your all-round fitness in no time at all.

Rowing works all your major muscle groups and builds your stamina, strength and flexibility in one workout.

When I was at the home gym the other day, I was feeling a little stale and decided at the last minute to do something different.

Instead of the Lifecycle, I wandered over to the Concept 2 rowing machine and after a quick warm up got rowing.

Now I’m pretty fit but within minutes my lungs were burning and my muscles screaming…

Sure, I’m a guy and like us blokes have a tendency to do I went off far too hard, too quickly.

But I was amazed at how many muscles I was working and how quickly I was breathing hard for air.

If you’re serious about losing weight and getting in shape, then rowing for weight loss is something you should really consider!

Rowing for Effective Weight Loss – What are the Benefits…?


rowing for weight loss

Rowing burns an average of 50-150 calories in around 10 minutes. The fitter you are, the harder you row and the more calories you burn.

It’s very effective for toning your back, legs, hips, shoulders and arms and builds the lean tissue so important for raising your resting metabolic rate.

Because you’re working all your major muscle groups at the same time, your body requires lots of oxygen and rowing is a very effective way of improving the fitness of your heart and lungs.

Whilst rowing is a great stamina-building exercise, it’s low impact and non-weight bearing and doesn’t stress your joints the way that running does.

However, it will still build bone density due to the resistance that you’re working against.

Rowing for Weight Loss – Getting Started…

Now don’t make my mistake! If you’re going to start rowing, take your time and learn the basic technique first.

Start slowly, gradually increasing the resistance over a few weeks.

If you’re rowing for weight loss rather than to compete in the Olympics (!), then work at a slightly lower intensity as that’s where you’ll be burning the highest proportion of body fat.

Most gyms have a rowing machine or two, normally Concept 2 machines.

Rowing always best with an Instructor

Ask an instructor to show you the proper technique, but basically:

  • Start sitting on the seat, arms straight and extended at shoulder level in front of you. Grip the handle with your legs bent, shins at right angles to the floor with your body tilted forward
  • Push with your legs – don’t pull with your arms initially
  • Keep your arms straight with your elbows tucked in and lean back pulling the handle to your abdomen once your legs straighten – don’t lock your knees!
  • Return to the start postion and repeat
  • Keep the action smooth and steady and don’t sacrifice technique for speed, aiming for around 25-35 strokes a minute

Add Variation in Your Rowing Workout for Weight Loss

Rather than just rowing for a set period of time, go for distance and challenge yourself to row a little further in the same time at the next workout.

Aim for 3 workouts a week and always warm up for a few minutes first.

Select a fairly comfortable resistance level to start with, 3-5 is good. Row just hard enough to be a little out breath when rowing.

If you’ve not rowed before or haven’t exercised for a while, try 10 minutes at level 3-5 in your first workout.

Gradually increase the resistance and length of the workout each time you train.

Mix it up a bit after a few weeks by interval training

Say 2 minutes at an easier resistance, maybe levels 3-5 then 2 minutes at a harder one, say levels 6-8.

Repeat this cycle 4-5 times in a 20-30 minute workout.

The Bottom Line…

There’s no doubt about it, rowing for weight loss is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and get fit.

Try it for 4 weeks, 3 workouts a week and you’ll be amazed at the difference in your fitness and shape.

You’ll burn fat, build muscle and expend huge quantities of calories each month.

Combine rowing with a healthy diet and watch the body fat melt away!

Rowing for weight loss is one of the best strategies for effective and sustained fat burning.

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