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10 Effective exercises for weight loss

10 Effective Weight Loss Exercises for Long Term Weight Loss

There are some great weight loss exercises that will help you to burn fat and build muscle – which ones should you build into your program?

We would suggest the ones that are the most effective and burn the most calories, can be completed in shorter workouts so saving time and that you’re most likely to stick with.

The mistake that a lot of people make is exercising to lose weight and then stopping once they’ve lost the weight.

Regular exercise is the key to successfully maintaining your new weight and shape for the long term.

We’ve gone into a lot more detail about the role of exercise for weight loss in our weight loss workout articles. But here’s a run down in no particular order of some of the most effective weight loss exercises that you might want to consider.

Weight Loss Exercises for Long Term Weight Loss

10 Effective Weight Loss Exercises…

It is always a matter of concern that which exercises work better. Are there any effective exercises? If yes what are they? Will these exercises work for me? Will I be benefited from these exercises for a long time? Well you will get all these answers in this article. We worked hard to choose the 10 most effective exercises that will help you to burn fat from your body and easy to do for long term.

#1. Strength Training

Not cardio I hear you shout! Nope, strength training, whether with weights, machines or your body weight helps to build muscle and muscle is responsible for most of the calories we burn each day.

Build some muscle and you’ll burn more calories and fat – even whilst you sleep!

#2. Interval Training

Not an exercise as such, more a way of training. Short intervals of high intensity running, cycling, rowing for around 20-60 seconds followed by 2-3 minutes of low intensity recovery intervals carried out for around 20 minutes in total burn loads more calories in far less time than long, slow, boring cardio workouts.

best exercise for weight loss

Check out our article on interval training for more information.

Try combining strength training and interval training into one 45 minute workout, done three times a week to burn more fat and build muscle – this really is the best of all fat burning workouts.

#3. Circuit Training

A great way to combine strength and cardio training in one workout. Combine 30-60 seconds of muscle building exercises like push ups and squats, with explosive, calorie burners like squat thrusts and star jumps interspersed with short periods of active rest like slow jogging.

Move from each exercise station until you’ve completed a circuit of 5-10 exercises and repeat the circuit 2, 3 or more times, 3 times a week.

Put some loud music on and you’ll have a fun, intense workout that will burn loads of calories in less time than a five mile run!

#4. Running

This can be a very effective fat burner whether out on the streets or on a treadmill in a gym. However, forget the long runs unless you’re training for a marathon or something similar and try a shorter, more intense¬†running workout instead to save time and burn calories more quickly.

#5. Rowing

A fantastic whole body exercise that utilizes all the major muscle groups. A great fat burner and muscle builder and one of the best weight loss exercises. Every gym has a rowing machine. So, when you’re at a gym, give our rowing machine workout a try.

# 6. Cycling

My personal favorite aerobic exercise whether outdoors or inside on an exercise bike, it can be a great fat burner and is good for building your leg muscles. Forget the long rides if you’re pushed for time and try short interval workouts instead – you’ll burn more calories in less time.

#7. Aerobics

Exercise to music makes exercise bearable for a lot of people so an aerobics, step or boxercise class is a good choice.

You get a good all over body workout, but make sure that the class has a good range of strength training exercises included.

#8. Swimming

Not the most effective fat burner as the major muscle groups of the lower body don’t get a great workout.

Swimming is not a weight-bearing exercise so doesn’t confer any benefit to your skeletal structure, which is important for maintaining bone density particularly for older people.

Whilst not the most effective of weight loss exercises it does give you a great upper body workout. Check out the shoulders of top swimmers!

#9. Cross-country Skiing

This burns more calories per hour than any other aerobic exercise and is a great weight loss exercise.

Unless you live somewhere snowy and can ski, try the cross-country skiing machine at the gym.

#10. Walking

If you really hate exercise, then the default choice is walking. Now I love walking outdoors on a beautiful day, along the canal outside our house, in the nearby woods or moorlands but there are far more effective ways to burn fat and build muscle.

Leave walking as a recreational pursuit and don’t make it the core of your weekly workout routine – it takes a long time to burn a significant number of calories.

Important Words Before Finishing

Whatever exercises you choose, the key is finding the most effective ones that burn the most calories in the shortest period of time and then doing them regularly several times a week.

That’s the only way that weight loss exercises will help you to burn fat, build muscle and stay slim and toned for good!

For one of the most effective workout routines we’ve come across using the best weight loss exercises, then check out our review of Turbulence Training – its what I do and it works. I hope it helps you as well.

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