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TwinLab Ultimate Diet Fuel Reviews

Many TwinLab Ultimate Diet Fuel reviews appear positive, so we thought we’d see if there was any substance to the hype.

TwinLab are a giant in the supplement industry, with many of their products aimed at the bodybuilding and fitness markets.

Having read a few endorsements from personal trainers regarding the benefits that many of their clients had gotten, I thought I’d give it a try.

The packaging claims that Diet Fuel contains “a combination of clinically proven ingredients, including a new revolutionary herbal ingredient, which has been shown to help shed those unwanted pounds.”

So does it…?

Diet Fuel Reviews – What is it…?

Diet Fuel comes in capsule form and is promoted as a way to burn fat, lose weight and tone up.

It’s marketed primarily at women, but we can’t see why men couldn’t use it and expect to see similar results.

The product is ephedra-free and each bottle contains 60 capsules. That’s one month’s supply at the recommended 2 caps a day.

Ultimate Diet Fuel contains a number of ingredients, including many of those found in pretty much every fatburner on the market.

The “revolutionary herbal ingredient” would appear to be an extract consisting of:

  • 60% free-b-ring flavanoids
  • 10% flavans from baical skullcap root and black catechu bark
  • There’s also a proprietary blend of ingredients called Cycloburn.

    Cycloburn is claimed to increase metabolic rate, promote weight loss and increase energy.

    However, all Cycloburn seems to contain is:

  • Cocoa seed extract, standardised for theobromine, caffeine and the amino acids tyramine and phenylethylamine
  • Caffeine
  • Cayenne fruit extract
  • Ultimate Diet Fuel also contains:

  • Calcium (from calcium carbonate)
  • Chromium (from chromium polynicotinate)
  • Green Tea extract
  • L-carnitine
  • Diet Fuel Reviews – Does it Work…?

    Well, despite scouring the internet for any independent, scientific evidence that Diet Fuel works we came up short.

    There appear to be no randomised, double blind, placebo controlled trials that show that the product really does deliver on its claims to burn fat, raise your metabolism and aid weight loss.

    As far as the individual ingredients are concerned, there is some emerging evidence to show that a number of them could be of some benefit for weight loss.

    Green tea has shown potential in terms of raising metabolic rate, albeit by a modest 80 cals a day when 4-6 cups are consumed throughout the day.

    Some preliminary studies have shown that calcium may aid weight loss, but more research is needed.

    Despite the hype, there is no credible evidence that chromium has any potential for weight loss whatsoever.

    As far as the proprietary herbal blend and the Cycloburn complex are concerned, we could find no evidence to demonstrate their efficacy as weight loss supplements.

    Of course, the caffeine in the Cycloburn and the green tea extract will give a modest boost to your metabolism and in combination with several of the other ingredients in Diet Fuel, may well give a mild energy boost.

    So our Diet Fuel reviews could find little research evidence to justify the claims made for the product.

    Anecdotal evidence would also suggest that the product had little if any effect on my energy, muscle tone or body composition.

    Diet Fuel Reviews – The Bottom Line…

    I’m always sceptical of weight loss supplements and fat burners.

    There’s just no proof that most of them work and without credible, independent, scientific evidence we’ll remain sceptics.

    This is not a particularly expensive supplement at as little as $13 a bottle on the internet, but does it provide value for money?

    Even when taken in conjunction with a diet and exercise regime, our Diet Fuel reviews would suggest that you shouldn’t expect miracles…or much more than a very marginal benefit!

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