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Dr Phil Diet Reviews

The Dr Phil Diet reviews well as a ‘moderation in everything’ weight loss plan that also seeks to tackle the emotional aspects to overeating, so will it help you to lose weight? And keep it off?

This diet will appeal to anyone who’s a fan of TV psychologist Dr Phil McGraw.

Whilst Dr Phil is a psychologist, not a food and nutrition expert, his book, “The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution” is generally a sensible approach to healthy eating.

There’s nothing significantly different with the food side of the diet, but the psychological approach to breaking people’s emotional attachment to food is refreshing.

It’s an aspect to tackling overweight and obesity that many diets just don’t get to grips with.

So, if you’re struggling to shed the pounds because you can’t ditch the comfort foods or are an habitual binge eater,┬áthen this may well be the diet you’ve been looking for!

Dr Phil Diet Reviews – How Does it Work…?

dr phil diet

The Dr Phil Diet reviews well as an exercise in moderation. Once you get past some of the rather confusing language — he talks about High Yield Foods and High Response Cost Foods — it’s actully very straightforward.

Dr Phil recommends that you eat moderate quantities of lean protein, whole grains, low fat dairy products and plenty of fruit and veg together with small amounts of healthy oils, such as olive oil.

The theory is that the protein and fiber in the wholegrains will help to fill you up and keep you feeling full for longer. As such, you won’t feel hungry and will be less inclined to snack and overeat.

So far, so good.

Dieters then have to plan what they’re going to eat each day, which is fairly easy to follow and based on strict portion control.

You choose:

  • 3 servings of lean protein
  • 2 servings of low fat dairy products
  • 2-3 servings of wholegrain carbs
  • 4 servings of veg
  • 2 servings of fruit
  • 1 serving of fat, eg the diet lists olive oil, nuts, etc
  • A downside to this approach is it’s ‘one size fits all’ nature. There’s little allowance made for people with different calorie requirements, eg large men will need more food than small women.

    A little more flexibilty so as to personalise your calorie intake would be good.

    However, it’s the psychology of food and overeating that the Dr Phil Diet reviews well on.

    A great deal of his book is spent on offering tips and strategies for dieters to change how they think about food – his, “Seven keys to weight loss freedom”.

    Challenging negative self-image and the way that body image is presented in the media, instilling positive thinking and teaching self discipline are all at the heart of Dr Phil’s approach.

    All good stuff, but Dr Phil’s style may not suit everyone!

    Dr Phil also recommends supplements such as green tea and soy isoflavones, which he suggests will help to reset your metabolism.

    Dr Phil Diet Reviews – Does it Work…?

    Moderation and eating a wide variety of foods is what healthy eating is all about. So, yes I’d say that this diet has the potential to help you to lose weight.

    It’s certainly a healthy approach to weight loss and you’ll be eating fewer calories and exercising stringent portion control.

    However, the assumption that everyone who’s overweight has emotional problems with food is somewhat of a generalisation.

    People are often overweight because they simply eat too much, make poor food choices or don’t do enough exercise.

    As such, this diet may be of more use to emotional or binge eaters than dieters per se.

    I found much of Dr Phil’s ‘seven keys’ approach useful, practical and full of common sense.

    From personal experience of working with binge eaters, I’m sure it will be useful for those for whom food and overeating are an emotional response to more deep rooted problems in their lives.

    The problem of food being used as a response to and a way of coping with stress needs more than a diet plan to overcome.

    As far as taking supplements whilst dieting is concerned, I’d always recommend a multivitamin.

    The evidence to demonstrate that any further supplementation will accelerate weight loss is sketchy at best. The only supplement for which there is some good, emerging evidence is green tea.

    Dr Phil Diet Reviews – The Bottom Line…

    If you eat when you’re sad, depressed, angry, tired, exited…well, in any emotional situation then this diet may help you to adopt non-food related ways of coping with stress.

    All in all, the diet offers sound, sensible information and advice on healthy eating and overeating behaviour.

    The Dr Phil Diet reviews reasonably well as an exercise in moderation and self discipline…moderation, not a term you’d normally apply to Dr Phil McGraw based on his TV persona!

    Our Dr Phil Diet reviews verdict? A good choice for emotional eate

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