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Election Day Workout to Burn Your Calories

The Election Day is not far away from today. Though it is congressional elections, and only 3 weeks from now. It’s time to know who is going to govern for the next few years in several parts of the US. Aren’t you stressed? It’s not just you who is going for a voting trip in next 7 November, 2017. Everyone else in our state will vote(of course with the voting rights). I, who use testosterone enanthate, have found the best possible way to utilize this day to burn my calories. Rather than just traveling to the voting booth , I just prefer to burn my calories during the trip. This is what I am going to say here too. Come on; know how to best utilize the Election Day to burn your calories here. Trust me; this feels too good!Election Day Workout tips

Walk It Out:

As you all know, most of the voting booths will be located in the central zones of your neighborhood. If this is the case for you too, then I would ask you to leave your car or bike at your homes and just walk it out. This will give you some opportunity to get along with your neighbors whom you will not be meeting daily. The interactions like these would give you a new energy. At the same time, you will get some kind of physical exercise. Oh, so you have to drive your car to the voting booth? No worries. I will ask you to park your car as far as possible from the booth and walk it out from there. Getting some fresh air makes you feel good. Don’t miss that!

Play It All:

Most times, the voting booths will be set up in the schools. All the schools will have a playground with playing equipment. Use this chance to play it all. This will turn out be a quick workout session for you. As such, I will ask you to go to the voting booth in your workout clothes. Your walk, which I stated above, will act as your warm-up session. In the grounds, try to do as many moves as possible. Whenever I went to schools, I used to do pull-ups, push-ups, step-ups, jogging, and some basketball moves. Just 15 minutes of these exercises will do wonders!

Utilize the Waiting Time:

I used to use the long waiting time to work on my balance. I do this whenever and wherever I got to wait in long lines. What I will do is to balance on one leg. This, I used to do as a stability enhancer, wherein I will press my foot into the ground while thrusting my glute muscles on the same hip. I will hold myself in this position for about thirty seconds while keeping one leg up. Those who are looking to increase their power should not rest until they have moved through the line. While doing so, you can also move your head up, down and sideways to give your neck a workout too.


So, Election Day is not to be wasted. Other people may think you are peculiar. But, that doesn’t matter. Whenever you get the opportunity, you must try to use it in your favor. Your simple workouts can do wonders for your body!

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