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Free Weight Loss Menus to Help you Lose Weight

Try these free weight loss menus to develop your own flexible plan. This is not a diet as such, its more a long term plan that follows the principles set out in the page outlining our healthy weight loss plan.

The problem with most diets is that they are too prescriptive – eat 25g of this, 3 oz of that, etc, etc. Our free weight loss menus are not dietary straitjackets.

Most people expect diets to be prescriptive, but it’s counter-productive. What do you do when you’re eating out or are at friends for dinner? Whip out the scales?

Of course not. Eat some protein – say, chicken or fish – some salad and veg, avoid sugary and starchy foods most of the time and enjoy yourself!

Life is too short to count calories. Instead be aware of the kind of foods you can eat, the quantities as well and eat them.

To be honest, we don’t know what you like to eat and let’s face it, if you don’t like it you are highly unlikely to stick with it.

However, having an idea of your daily calorie requirements is helpful in planning your weight loss program, so use our calorie calculator to work out your calorie intake.

Free Weight Loss Menus

Take a look through the free weight loss menus outline below and then check out the free weight loss meal plans for some simple recipe ideas. We’ve included them to give you an idea. They won’t keep you going for long, so if long term weight loss is your objective, you’ll need to come up with your own favorite meal plans and recipes.

free weight loss menu

Free Weight Loss Menus…

This provides an outline for you to follow. If you do, you’ll have the basis for a successful long term eating plan that will sort out your weight and leave you feeling energised and alive.

Remember the principles set out in the healthy weight loss plan? This free weight loss menus outline takes all 8 and puts them into practice…


The absolute golden rule of this or any weight loss plan is to eat breakfast. Every day. It doesn’t matter what time you get up or how busy you are, eat. Don’t wait until lunchtime, eat something right away. Most importantly, eat some protein.

If you’d like some more information on why protein is so important, not just for when you’re trying to lose weight, then take a look at our page on protein.

Smoothies and shakes – our personal favourites for starting the day. If you never feel like eating until about an hour or so after you get up and are normally too busy to eat anything first thing, then whip up a weight loss smoothie.

Smoothies and shakes are quick, easy, packed with nutrients, provide a great deal of variety and are not just for breakfast.

These free weight loss menus are flexible, so try them as snacks, even for lunch if you’re on a tight schedule. Why not try our smoothie and shake recipes?
Sugar-free muesli or cereal – sweetened with an artificial sweetener if necessary, or fructose, served with skimmed milk or yoghurt.
Porridge – again sweetened with an artificial sweetener if necessary, or fructose and made up with skimmed milk.
Sugar-free beans on toast – on toasted wholeweat bread with low-fat spread, if you need it.
Poached egg on toast – again on toasted wholeweat bread with low-fat spread, if you need it.
Chopped up fresh fruit with yoghurt – low fat of course.


Remember, you need to eat something every 3-4 hours. Regular, small and fairly evenly spaced meals – grazing – suit our bodies and metabolism the best. Studies have shown that grazers have a lower incidence of overweight and obesity than people who have less frequent, larger meals.

Your body is much more likely to use small amounts of energy than store it as fat. You’ll also regulate your blood sugar better, so you’ll avoid feeling hungry and have fewer carb cravings. That’s why these free weight loss menus are based on 5 small meals a day.

There are loads of snack ideas, lunch and dinner ideas in our free weight loss meal plans.


Some protein, salad, veg and fruit are ideal.

Eating plenty of raw foods like fruit and vegetables at lunchtime and other meals is a great way to increase your intake of key nutrients.

Remember, avoid sugary or starchy carbs at lunchtime as you’ll nod off in the afternoon and will probably crave something sugary mid- to late afternoon. If you’re going to the gym after work have some carbs as a mid-afternoon snack instead of at lunch time. I promise you, avoid sugary and starchy foods at lunchtime and you’ll feel so much more alert in the afternoon.


Same rationale as the morning snack, eat something every couple of hours to keep your metabolism fired up and in fat burning mode. Do not wait until you’re hungry to eat! Your body will think its starving and store fat.

We know, we know! Most diet gurus tell you to wait until you’re hungry before you eat anything and after all, you’re ‘on a diet’ so eating anything at all is guilt inducing enough, let alone eating when you’re not really hungry!

Trust us and check out those snack ideas! They’re essential components of these free weight loss menus.


This is a flexible, healthy approach to eating so nothing is banned as such in our free weight loss menus. As we’ve said before, it’s about balance. So starchy carbs are fine a few times a week.

Most evenings, stick to protein with some fruit, veg and salad. A good alternative to mashed potatoes is root mash, there’s a recipe on the meal plan page.

Once, or twice a week at most add some starchy carbs to a meal. Some wholeweat pasta, wild rice, jacket or boiled potatoes are fine. Gives you some flexibilty when you’re eating out, too.

By the way, in case you’re wondering why we’re suggesting you can eat some carbs in the evening, albeit just once or twice a week, when most diet books ban it, it’s because as carbs have a sedative effect, they’ll help you to sleep. As long as you don’t have too big a portion and eat a few hours before hitting the sack, you’ll be fine.

Avoid snacking before you go to bed, it’s not a good habit to get into. If you do, some fruit or a slice of toast will help you to relax. Avoid protein late at night as it may keep you awake.

And don’t forget the water! A glass with each meal and snack and one in between – that makes 8. Take a look at our page on the importance of water.

So, that’s the outline for our free weight loss menus. For some recipe ideas why not check out our free weight loss meal plans, enjoy.

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