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protein snacks

High Protein Snacks

High protein snacks are essential to anyone on a weight loss or fitness program or simply watching their weight – so what should you reach for when hunger strikes?

Protein is a key component of any diet and is particularly important when you’re trying to lose weight.

If you’ve read our article on high protein food you’ll appreciate just why that is.

Protein fills you up and keeps you full for longer, staves off hunger, boosts your metabolism and conserves muscle tissue when you’re dieting.

High Protein Snacks – Effective for health

protein snacks

Ideally, you should aim to eat 5-6 small meals a day – whether trying to lose weight or stay a healthy weight.

That’s three main meals and 2-3 healthy snacks.

Now, the best snacks to eat are high in protein, low in fat and carbs. So, what kind of high protein snacks are a good choice?

Here are some easy, quick and tasty ideas to try that work well for us – you’re bound to find something you like!

  • Tinned tuna eaten on it’s own or mixed with some low fat dressing or mayo. Add some green salad leaves and chopped tomato and cucumber for an extra filling snack
  • Cooked chicken or turkey breast or thigh meat, either eaten on its own or with a little green salad and low fat dressing
  • Low fat cottage cheese, with a few chopped herbs like chives or dill mixed in. Try eating it with some celery sticks or other raw vegetables like carrot and cucumber crudités (sticks)
  • Low fat yoghurt – either ready flavoured (preferably low sugar) or natural yoghurt with some berries and a little honey mixed in
  • A boiled egg, either straight from the shell or mixed with low fat mayo and served with some green salad
  • Shake or smoothie – make your own in a blender with some milk or soya milk, some natural yoghurt and fruit such as frozen berries. To boost the protein content try adding a scoop or two of protein powder, found in most health food stores
  • There you go – a few ideas for high protein snacks to get you started.

    They each take a few minutes to prepare and can be put in a lunch box or thermos flask and taken to work.

    Aim for 10-20g of protein in each snack depending on your daily requirements.

    Happy snacking!

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