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HealthRider H550i Treadmill Review

HealthRider H550i Treadmill Review

Our HealthRider H550i treadmill review investigates a mid-price treadmill with a decent motor and big deck – is it a good choice for runners, though?

As with our reviews of other treadmills in the HealthRider range, I find myself unexpectdedly impressed with the H550i treadmill.

It shares a number of features with the HealthRider R60 and R65 and is similarly priced, but has the advantage of a 2.5HP motor.

We found the H550i heavily discounted at a number of online retailers, which makes it look an attractive option for the home exerciser.

The motor combined with the big belt makes it a candidate for people looking for a treadmill to run on – is it up to the job?

HealthRider H550i Treadmill Review – Features…

HealthRider H550i Treadmill Review
As a brand, it’s less familiar than ProForm or NordicTrack, but actually makes some reasonably good treadmills. As you may be aware, HealthRider is owned by Icon Health and Fitness, one of the largest manufacturers of exercise equipment.

You can find HealthRider treadmills in a number of general and specialist retailers, and they’re worth a look if you’ve not come across them before.

As a result of this HealthRider H550i treadmill review, I’d sum up this model as a large, fairly well built, stable, solid treadmill that offers the kind of performance you’d expect for the price.

It’s not commercial quality by any means, but for the average home user it should do a decent job.

The motor marks out the H550i as perhaps a better bet than the R60 or R65.

Its 2.5HP of continuous duty is sufficient for walking and most running, although if you’re looking for a machine suitable for fast runs or interval training then a treadmill with a 3.0HP unit would be a better bet.

The belt is large and measuring a generous 60″ x 20″, it offers enough running surface for taller runners.

Shorter people like me will have plenty of room to stretch out!

As with the R60, the ‘SoftTrac’ cushioning system provides a decent, supportive running surface with a firm take off and comfortable landing.

It should help to prevent or alleviate impact injuries and prove kind to your joints in the long term.

The H550i is a folding treadmill and like the R60 and R65 folds to around 60 degrees. The SpaceSaver design makes folding up the treadmill when not in use simple and straightforward.

It’s a heavy treadmill, but moving it short distances when folded should be a one person job.

Even though it doesn’t fold completely, the treadmill requires little space to store away when not in use.

The HealthRider H550i comes equipped with the same four window LED console and 10 workout programs as the R60 and R65. It’s iFit.com compatible so you can download extra workout programs if needed.

There’s a power incline feature, which enables you to incline the deck up to 10% in mid-workout, although it’s a little slow to do so.

There’s also a one touch speed control and the treadmill will reach 12mph.

There’s a little excess noise and strain from the motor at that kind of speed, but the average user is unlikely to regularly – if ever – run at that pace for long during a workout.

There’s a heart rate monitor with grip sensors and cooling fans are standard.

The warranties on this model are better than you normally expect from Icon brands. There’s a 12 year warranty on the motor, although you only get one year on the parts and labour.

HealthRider H550i Treadmill Review – The Bottom Line…

Our HealthRider H550i treadmill review would conclude that this is not a bad treadmill.

It doesn’t excel in any one aspect, but at the discounted price represents a bargain – you’ll struggle to find a treadmill under $800 with a 2.5HP motor, a 60″ x 20″ belt and this kind of build quality.

It’s not really suitable for serious runners, but should prove more than adequate for the average home user looking for a durable performer on which to get in shape and lose weight.

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