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Home Exercise Equipment Review

Welcome to our home exercise equipment review section, where we cut through the hype to assess the products available to support your exercise and weight loss program.

And you know that regular exercise should be an integral part of your weight loss program of course you do!

But if you’ve limited time to exercise and want the convenience of working out in the comfort of your own home, then investing in home exercise equipment is a smart way to go.

treadmill reviews

Whether you’ve no more than a few square feet of floorspace in your bedroom, or the relative luxury of a spare room, basement, attic or garage space there’s a choice of home fitness equipment for you.

No matter if you’ve a budget of a few hundred or several thousand dollars, pounds or euros, our exercise equipment review will help you to find just the piece of kit to suit your pocket.

Our job in this review is to supply you with all the information you need to decide the:

  • Best choice of equipment
  • Right manufacturer and
  • Most suitable model

…For your specific needs so you get the best value for your money.

Most homes have a piece of home fitness equipment gathering dust in a cupboard, the attic, or a far-flung corner of the garage.

But by using our home exercise equipment review to make the right choice in equipment that works well, won’t break, will last and is a pleasure to use you’ll avoid wasting your hard earned cash and make a sound investment in your long term health.

Home Exercise Equipment Review – Why Invest in Exercise Equipment…?

The two main reasons for most people are time and convenience.

How many times have you thought about going to the gym, but couldn’t be bothered or simply had too little time?

Job, kids, social commitments…it’s amazing how many reasons – or excuses! – we all come up with to get out of going.

Exercise equipment at home means that you can work out when it suits you…it means you can roll out of bed and onto a treadmill, or tuck the kids into bed and hit the weights in the evening.

You’ll have the freedom to fit a workout into your busy schedule with no more commuting to the gym or queuing up for your favorite piece of equipment — how much time do you waste waiting in line when you should be training?

The cost of gym membership is another factor.

Sure, spending $1,000 or more on an elliptical trainer sounds a lot, but if most of your visits to the gym consist of 30 minutes on one piece of cardio equipment followed by a shower and home…how much does that cost?

Membership of a decent gym may well cost close to $1,000 a year!

Ok, so you’re thinking about investing in some home exercise equipment, what are the choices available to you?

Home Exercise Equipment Review – What Type of Equipment…?

We’ve split our exercise equipment review section into the following areas, because experience and a little research has told us that they’re the most popular choices for people looking to invest in home exercise equipment.

Treadmills for instance, are the number one home fitness equipment choice, so that’s where we’ve started in our home exercise equipment review!

We’ve offered some advice to help you decide the right type of equipment for you, as well as some guidelines as to what to look out for.

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