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How to Get Abs – 3 Simple Steps

How to get abs…now there’s a question that pretty much anyone on a fitness or weight loss program will have asked at some point – so how do you get a six pack?

Simple, really – by following some straightforward, common sense advice and ignoring the ab building gadgets featured in late night TV infomercials and the ‘magical’ fat burning pills that promise to strip the fat from your stomach in weeks!

Now, everyone has abs, so it’s not really a question of getting abs…its a question of being able to see them.

How to Get Abs

Everyone has a six pack just waiting to be exposed from the layers of fat they’re hiding under.

If you want flat abs, ripped abs, a six pack then you need to follow our guide on how to get abs…it works, promise!

#1. Lose Weight

…Well, lose some body fat to be more precise.

To be able to see a set of sculpted, well defines abs you need a relatively low level of body fat. A diet and exercise program is essential if you’re ever going to have a six pack. Check out our best diet review for some good ones.

six pack abs

#2. Eat Well

Following a healthy diet during and after a period of weight loss is crucial. Your diet is the single most important factor in achieving flat, defined abs.

Far more important than any number of daily ab exercises.

You will not get great abs solely from sit ups and crunches, you will get great abs by eating a healthy diet as part of a weight loss and exercise program.

Good nutrition is key to a sleek, sexy midsection, so ditch the sugary, fat laden snacks and fast food and eat a healthy balanced diet. Our article on foods that promote weight loss may help.

#3. Exercise

An absolutely critical element of any fitness and weight loss program…but it’s not ab exercises that are important. Far from it.

If you want to know how to get abs, then the answer is in a balanced fitness regime of resistance and interval training.

Resistance training, either with weights, machines or your own body weight will help to build muscle.

Muscle is very metabolically active – 1lb of muscle burns 14 calories a day at rest, much more during a workout and most of the energy you expend each day is burnt by muscle tissue.

If you want to lose fat and keep it off then build some muscle.

The other side of the equation is interval training. Forget traditional cardio, such as hours spent walking, swimming, running or cycling. Interval training is far more effective at burning calories and body fat in far less time.

Walk or run one mile and you burn around 100 calories, much of which will come from your fat deposits. However, there are 3,500 calories in a pound of fat so it will take a while to add up to significant weight loss! Give interval training a try and you’ll soon notice a difference.

Our article on weight loss exercises may help.

So, there you have it. The key elements you need to understand regarding how to get abs.

No big secret, and probably nothing that you’ve not heard before.

So what about ab exercises? They have a place, but until you’ve got rid of the excess body fat no amount of crunching will give you the flat stomach you’re aiming for.

However, building some ab exercises into your routine is a good idea, so you may want to take a look at our guide to the best abdominal exercise.

So – a simple guide to how to get abs. Use the information on this site to build yourself a program that will help you to get the six pack you crave in a matter of months.

If you need more help, then read our review of the excellent Truth About Six Pack Abs – one of the best programs for getting great abs that we’ve come across.

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