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lipovarin review

Lipovarin Review: Does Lipovarin Really Work?

We decided a Lipovarin review might be a good idea after reading the hype about the hottest new “Thermogenic Weight Loss Formula”.

Can you believe the hype and is Lipovarin as effective a fat burner as it’s claimed to be? Let’s see, shall we!

Having visited a few weight loss forums recently, it was interesting to see whole sections devoted to this product.

The posts ranged from enthusiastic reviews to those claiming that the product had no effect whatsoever.

Lipovarin Review for Weight Loss

lipovarin review

The company that manufactures the product, Sterling Grant Laboratories, claims that Lipovarin:

  • speeds up your metabolism
  • suppresses your appetite
  • promotes energy
  • is 100% safe and effective
  • It also claims that, “At last, eat what you want without the worry.”

    Does that mean then that Lipovarin’s “key ingredients” will boost your metabolism so that you’ll lose weight whatever you eat? Hmm, sounds a bit dubious to us and doesn’t do a lot for the credibility of the company’s claims.

    Claims for the effectiveness of Lipovarin are based on its proprietary blend of ingredients, a formula they call Metazide.

    So, what are these wonder ingredients?

    Lipovarin Review: What’s in it…?

    According to the manufacturer, it’s the blend of “premium grade” ingredients that are responsible for Lipovarin’s “fat burning and weight loss capabilities”.

    So what are they?

  • Green Tea Extract – We’ve already looked at the benefits of green tea elsewhere on this site and it shows some promise in terms of weight loss. However, studies show that it will only raise your metabolic weight by around 80 calories a day, so that’s not going to shift a lot of weight!
  • Serotain – This plant extract contains 5-HTP and claims have been made that 5-HTP may stimulate the production of seratonin, your ‘feel good’ hormone. Claims are also made by the company that 5-HTP can help to suppress appetite. Our Lipovarin review found that there is some evidence to this effect, but Lipovarin contains much less 5-HTP than studies have indicated are necessary to produce this effect.
  • Carnitine – An amino acid that is claimed to aid “the fat burning capabilities of fatty acids”. Really? Carnitine does have a role in cellular metabolism where it facilitates the burning of fatty acids. But research indicates that to be of any use as a weight loss aid, high levels would be required, certainly in excess of 2000mg. Our Lipovarin review would suggest there’s nothing like enough carnitine in Lipovarin to produce a discernible effect.
  • Metabromine – a cocoa extract for which there is no credible, reported evidence to support any weight loss claims, although it may help to improve your mood.
  • Coral Calcium – Yep, as the manufacturers claim, an adequate intake of calcium may have a beneficial effect in terms of weight loss. Check out our calcium and weight loss page for more on calcium. However, the amount of calcium required to achieve even a modest weight loss effect is way above that contained in Lipovarin.
  • 7-Keto DHEA – There’s some promising evidence to suggest that 7-Keto DHEA may be a worthwhile fat burning agent, but again the weight loss reported in studies is small.
  • Caffeine – What a surprise! Most diet pills rely on lots of caffeine, for which there is some evidence that it speeds up your metabolism. But again, not enough to make much of an impact on your waistline.
  • Advantra Z (citrus aurantium) – Synephrine. People looking for an alternative to ephedra (Ma Huang) may have come across synepehrine before, which is sometimes promoted as a safer option. There are a few clinical trials quoted that suggest that supplements that contain synephrine may increase your metabolism. Our Lipovarin review would suggest that much more research is required though to validate claims made for synephrine’s thermogenic effects.
  • Taurine – an amino acid and the staple of many an energy drink. It’s purported to help enhance mental acuity and concentration, but there’s no evidence to suggest a role in weight loss.
  • Lipovarin Review: The Bottom Line…

    As with any supplement, we would suggest that you’d need the evidence generated by a number of replicated, randomized control trials to make an objective judgement.

    At the time of writing this Lipovarin review, we couldn’t find any independent trials that had been conducted on Lipovarin.

    Draw your own conclusions.

    Yes, there is some evidence that some of the ingredients in Lipovarin may aid weight loss, but the evidence is not yet conclusive and the effects so minimal that we’d suggest it fails to justify the extravagant claims made for the product.

    Whilst the company itself may quote its own research to back up any claims made, they have a significant vested interest from a marketing perspective.

    Another issue is the price of the product – it’s expensive! Certainly compared to similar weight loss products.

    You’ve heard it before and we’ll say it again. There is no substitute for diet and exercise if you want to lose weight.

    Lipovarin may help you feel better whilst you’re doing it, but would that justify the expense?

    The conclusion of our Lipovarin review? There are some beneficial ingredients in the product, but it’s not the solution to your weight loss problems.

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