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The Little Black Dress Diet Review

Our The Little Black Dress Diet review would suggest that this book has got to have the most attractive and seductive cover of any diet book around…does it work?

Any diet book that boasts a pair of shapely legs in black stockings and heels, with a tabloid newspaper quote claiming that you’ll drop a dress size in a week would normally set my alarm bells ringing.

But this one’s by Michael van Straten, the UK’s top naturopath, health and organic superfood guru and as such got me intrigued.

If you’re not a wholefood hero-worshiper and live in the UK, you may be more familiar with Van Straten from BBC Radio 2’s Chris Evans Drive Time Show.

Van Straten pops up regularly to do a hugely entertaining superfood spot. Here’s a man that can make broccoli sound exciting!

So I checked out his latest offering with some interest.

The Little Black Dress Diet Review – How Does it Work..?

little black dress diet

Esentially, The Little Black Dress Diet is a 10 day quick weight loss plan.The book is really a number of diets in one, there’s the24 Hours to Beat the Bloat Diet, The Exclusion Diet,The Spring into Summer Detox Plan, as well as TheĀ Little Black Dress Diet and the version for the guys,The Little Black Tie Diet.

As Van Straten says in the book’s intro, if you’ve an urgent need to lose weight – an operation, a special occasion – you can lose 10lbs in 10 days if you follow the plan.

Hmm, heard that one before, so how does that miracle work, then?

Van Straten is clear that you can follow the plan once, twice at most and no more than three or four times a year, so it’s not an eating plan for life.The 10 day plan has a tough first few days and then gets a bit easier toward the end.

There is one of those in the book though, more of which in a moment.

The diet is based on food combining principles, in other words no protein and starch in the same meal.

Now there’s absolutely no scientific evidence to support food combining as an effective weight loss principle.

But at least Van Starten is up front enough to say so…no explanation, he just claims it work!

Days 1-4 are veggie, you can eat some chicken on day 5, if you want.

He advises to start at the weekend as you’ll be eating very little in the way of calories to begin with.

Days 1-3 consist of fruit, veg, salads, some wild rice, soups, juices and plenty of water.

Potatoes and wholewheat bread are gradually added as are meat, fish, eggs and dairy.

By day 10, you’re eating a varied menu – bacon and eggs for breakfast, a salad for lunch and lamb and veg with a prawn and avocado salad for dinner.

It actually looks like a healthy, varied diet based on real food that denies you nothing and will give you the essential nutrients you need to lose weight and stay healthy.

Once you’ve lost your initial weight, you can move on to the healthy eating for life plan.

Simply follow the recipes and advice on food selection and portion control and stick with it.

Exercise is also recommended, although there’s no exercise plans as such.

The Little Black Dress Diet Review – Does it Work…?

Our Little Black Dress Diet review would suggest it does.

Whether that’s down to food combining or simply eating a very low calorie diet for a few days is debatable, but you should lose a few pounds in days 1-10.

It is a bit drastic, but it’s only for 10 days. Don’t stay on it for any longer though.

However, what I really like is the long term plan, which is based on wholesome, nutritious foods drawn from all the main food groups.

You will have to shop regularly for fresh ingredients, unless you grow your own like Van Straten does, and that could get expensive as he is passionate about eating organic.

The recipes look delicious and many are quick, simple and pass the family friendly test – you won’t have to cook a different meal for the rest of the family!

Our Little Black Dress Diet review would suggest that the long term plan hits all the buttons when it comes to healthy eating – just take the food combining pseudo-science with a pinch of salt!

The Little Black Dress Diet Review – The Bottom Line…

I like The Little Black Diet on the whole as it’s based on real food, fantastic recipes and is written with intelligence and humour.

I’m not a fan of crash diets, but follow the long term healthy plan after the initial 10 days and you should be fine.

You’ll be eating lots of nutritious and filling foods, so you won’t go hungry and there’s room for snacks and treats.

Just follow the few simple guidelines and advice and you’ll be able to create your own recipes and meal plans adapted to your likes and dislikes.

That should make it much easier to stick to.

Our Little Black Dress Diet review verdict? All in all – a winner!

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