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Perricone Diet Reviews

The Perricone Diet reviews well as a healthy eating plan that may also help to reverse some of the signs of aging…it may even help you to lose weight!

Dr Nicholas Perricone is a world renowned dermatologist. He’s a fellow of the New York Academy of Sciences and the American College of Nutrition.

The Perricone Diet is explained in his book, “The Wrinkle Cure”.

However, this diet is not primarily intended for weight loss. It’s really more an approach to skin care through good nutrition and skin care products.

It’s a diet that conforms to current healthy eating guidelines and there’s no reason why whilst improving the condition of your skin, you can’t lose a few pounds along the way!

Perricone Diet Reviews for weight Loss

perricone diet

Dr Perricone’s book examines the relationship between food and your skin.

It explores how the nutritional components of the food we eat can affect the overall appearence of our skin and the aging process.

Dr Perricone contends that skin damage and the signs of aging…wrinkles, lines, bags and puffiness…are a result of inflammation. The inflammation is largely a result of eating the wrong foods.

There are a number of components to Dr Perricone’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet, which translate into the following dietary guidelines:

#1. Eat more fruit and vegetables high in antioxidants
Choose colorful fruit and veg, particularly avocado, berries, dark green leafy vegetables (kale, spinach, watercress), tomatoes, squash, peppers.

#2. Eat wholegrains
Always choose wholegrain, which rank lower on the glycemic index in preference to higher GI refined starchy carbs and sugars.

#3. Limit your intake of dairy products
In particular cut back on higher fat whole milk and cream products and replace them with lower fat alternatives.

#4. Choose the right fats
Cut back on saturated fats (animal fats, in particular) and polyunsaturated fats. Avoid trans-fats (hydrogenated vegetable oils) and eat more olive oil (a monounsaturated) and Omega 3 fatty acids (fish oils, flax seed oil).

#5. Eat more protein
Oily fish, wild salmon in particular are strongly advocated in the diet due to their high levels of the antioxidant Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE). Low fat chicken and turkey breast meat and egg whites are also good choices.

#6. Drink plenty of water
At least 2 liters a day, which hydrates the skin and helps with digestion.

You’ll be eating a wide variety of foods following this diet, which should amount to around 1,400 to 1,500 calories.

Dr Perricone advises that you also eat his 10 “superfoods”. These are very similar to Dr Stephen Pratt’s 14 superfoods.

In addition to advice on what you should eat, there’s also a lot of information on the right skin care products to use to reverse the effects of aging.

Perricone Diet Reviews – Does it Work…?

You may well look younger following this diet, but we’re more interested in this review in its potential for safe, healthy weight loss.

Now this is very much a healthy eating plan that we’d recommend anyone to follow.

There’s plenty of scientific evidence to demonstrate the heart health benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids – they may even help you to lose weight.

Eating the right amount of protein may promote weight loss as it boosts your metabolism and builds muscle. Also, adequate dietary protein spares muscle tissue if you’re following a calorie restricted diet.

A low GI diet, which this is, can also be a good way to control blood sugar levels and lose weight.

The benefits of eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables due to their vitamin and mineral content and antioxidant effects are well documented.

A diet rich in wholegrains, fruit and veg is full of fiber, which again will help you to lose weight.

Drinking plenty of water as well as keeping you hydrated can also give a slight boost to your metabolism, which may aid weight loss.

All in all then, the Perricone Diet reviews well as a diet that should help you to lose weight. The various components together form the basis for a well structured, healthy eating plan.

The emphasis on fresh ingredients and whole foods may make trips to the supermarket a little more expensive and may put off dieters on a budget.

Some of the foods and recipes recommended in the diet may also be a little unfamiliar and take some getting used to.

I can’t comment on the anti-aging effects of the diet, but you should be able to lose the recommended 1-2lbs a week following it. You should also feel a lot healthier into the bargain!

Perricone Diet Reviews – The Bottom Line…

Overall, the Perricone Diet reviews well as an excellent blueprint for healthy eating.

You’ll be eating a wide variety of nutrition-packed foods and should certainly lose some weight.

You would be well advised to add some exercise into the mix to maximize the weight loss benefits of the diet.

In addition to Dr Perricone’s book, there’s also an excellent online Perricone Diet available on eDiets. Check out our eDiets review for more information, or go to eDiets and find out…Which diet is right for you? -

Our Perricone Diet reviews verdict? A very healthy thumbs up!

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