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spirit z88 treadmill

Spirit Z88 Treadmill Review

Our Spirit Z88 treadmill review looks at a well-equipped machine that should give the best of the competition a run for their money – does it?

Whilst perhaps a little rudimentary as far as the user interface is concerned, the Z88 appears strong in the departments that really matter and delivers on quality, performance and value for money.

spirit z88 treadmill

It would certainly seem a worthwhile investment to pay the extra couple of hundred dollars to buy the Z88 over the base model Z8 – but is that really the case?

Spirit Z88 Treadmill Review – Features…

Our Spirit Z88 treadmill review found a very well-equipped machine for the price and the total package is more than competitive when you compare it to market leading brands like ProForm, As with the rest of the Z series, the Z88 is a good looking treadmill.

The 2.5 HP continuous duty motor will suit walkers and moderate runners alike and should cope with most day to day workout demands.

The 55″ x 20″ running surface will give all but the tallest runners the space to stride out and allied with the cushion flex deck makes for a comfortable workout.

The maximum speed of 10mph is sufficient for all but the quickest runs and the big 2.5″ rollers should ensure a stable surface and help to minimise belt wear.

The 15% power incline makes hill training a snap and should challenge the more masochistic trainer looking for an intense workout.

As with the rest of the range the build quality overall is impressive and whilst not commercial quality, promises a durable machine more than capable of handling daily, prolonged use.

The Z88 folds up so that it can be easily stored when not in use, a useful feature for home exercisers with little spare room for storage.

The electronic features, however tend to betray where economies have been made to control costs.

The blue backlit LCD display console does the job whilst the eight workout programs will provide variety.

But don’t expect an all singing, all dancing user interface though as you’ll be disappointed.

You also get a pulse grip heart monitor and a telemetric belt for hands-free heart rate monitoring, but there’s no heart rate control function.

The warranties are very impressive at this price and are an area where Spirit excels.

There’s a lifetime warranty on the frame, including the deck, 30 years on the motor, three years on the electronics, belt and rollers, a year on the other parts and a year on the labor.

Spirit Z88 Treadmill Review – The Bottom Line…

It’s apparent that Spirit has invested heavily in developing some very competitive machines and our Spirit Z88 treadmill review would conclude that this model is no exception.

There are a few areas where corners have been cut but that hardly diminishes what is an extremely good treadmill.

Sure, this price range is tough for manufacturers to establish decent market share in, but I would be amazed if the Z88 failed to capitalise on it’s good looks, build quality, warranties and outstanding overall package.

If you can get it at under $1,000 our Spirit Z88 treadmill review would conclude that it’s pretty much unbeatable value.

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