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Essential Fitness Equipment For Home Gym
Fitness Equipment For Home Gym

Top 10 Essential Fitness Equipment For Your Home Gym

I had never thought about a home gym until I realized that had a gym membership I wasn’t using. I discovered that I could have used the wasted money to create my own gym at home. After cancelling my gym membership, I began creating a home gym. I have learned a lot about this process and I will share it with you here.

Importance of Home Gym

Let’s look at the importance of having workout equipment in your home first:

Enhanced motivation: When you get to see dumbbells every day, you will be motivated to pick them up.

Convenience: A gym at your home or in your disposal saves you the time you get to go to a gym and get back home. Additionally, you can work out whenever you want and you will not have to compete for equipment with anyone.

Cost effective: Gym membership, costing you $100 or $10 a month, is expensive compared to buying gym equipment for your home. In the long run, a home gym will save you money.

Essential Fitness Equipment
Home Gym Equipments

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With the benefits of a home gym in mind, you will need to consider the following:

Do you have enough space for a home gym?

The amount of space you have for a gym will dictate the kind of equipment that you can get and the type of exercises that you can perform. If you are living in a studio apartment, the limited space will confide you to body weight exercises, dumbbells and resistance workouts. However, if you have lots of room, you can perform exercises that require lying down, squatting, and standing.

Will you use it?

There is no point in buying gym equipment if you are not going to use. For instance, if you hate running, there is no point in buying a treadmill. You should let your interests dictate which equipment you are going to buy and not the other way around. Begin with products that do not intimidate you or need plenty of time to assemble. You should also be sure that it is something that you will actually make use of.

A kettlebell or exercise ball is a handy tool to begin with. They both require little space and they can be used for a broad range of weighted movements.

What is your budget?

You will need to know how much you are willing to spend to create a home gym. This will determine the kind of equipment you can buy.

Note that it is important to begin gradually. There is no need feeling pressurized by trying to build Gold’s Gym all at once.

Essential Fitness Equipment For Home Gym
                                                                              Fitness Equipment For Home Gym

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Here is the equipment that you can get for your home gym and keep doing your exercises:

1.Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is definitely basis for a great home workout. Hardwood floors or stone are not comfortable to exercise on, hence the need to have a yoga mat. Additionally, you will require a non-slip surface to do stretching exercises.

2.Foam Rollers

Buying a foam roller is like buying a masseuse at half the price. Foam rollers are all about myosical release. It releases tension from different parts of your body as part of workout. Foam rollers release muscle fatigue, enhance flexibility and mobility, and helps with soreness and muscle tightness.

3.Elastic Bands

Resistance elastic bands can help you build muscle just as successfully as hand weights. Pick your level of resistance and always do slow controlled movements to get the most out of elastic bands.

4.Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a fun and inexpensive exercise. With a jump rope you can perform an intense aerobic exercise at your home gym.

5.Pull Up Bar

A mountable pull up bar is perfect for your home gym. You can do bodyweight movements at any time. An example is the ProSource Multi-Grip Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar which can also be used on the floor for deficit pushups.

6.Suspension Trainers

Suspension trainers are lightweight, easy to carry around, easy to stow away, and they come with a ceiling or door anchor for a home setup.

Suspension trainers are excellent for training your core. Additionally, suspension trainers such as those by TRX, come with a strength training program and a flexibility/mobility routine that makes your workouts that much easier.

7.Ab Wheel

Sit ups and crunches alone will not give you a strong core. An ab wheel is just the product you need. It trains your entire core, upper back, and shoulders. As long as you use proper form, an ab wheel should do more for your core than a crunch machine can. It is important to purchase a simple, standard, affordable double wheel with handles that will be perfect for your home gym.

8.Medicine Ball

A medicine ball is the most fun equipment you can have in your home gym. Medicine balls can be soft, hard, or they can come with handles. You should choose one whose weight is easy to move around but can still be challenging when you add your rep scheme. It is advisable to start with a 12-pound ball.

A classic rubber medicine ball that is soft should be perfect. Check the diameter before buying it if you are worried about space.


A kettlebell is the perfect tool to help you achieve your fitness goals really fast. When purchasing one, consider durability and the nature of the grip. You can get a good kettlebell on amazon and other fitness equipment sites.

10.Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells allow you to access different weights without having to worry about space. An example is the Bowflex adjustable dumbbell that allows you to increase its weight from 5 pounds to 52.5 in just a few turns.

Wrapping it Up

A home Gym is always helpful for longtime use. Most people who used to go to a gym, don’t continue for long time. A research shows that only 7-8% people continue to go to the gym outside of home for more than 6 months of time. And people used to do fitness exercises have home gym equipment. So, if you are serious to keep yourself fit and want to get 6 pack abs or 8 pack abs then home gym can be your ultimate solution. I hope my tips will help you in your greater cause.

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